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Bad Education

12th January 2024

Photographer, Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Digital Editor: Pankhuri Bhutani

Styling: Corey Dixon from Somebody Else's Guy

Make Up & Grooming: Anjali Bhatt

Hair: Lucy Muyanga

Location: YVMV Studios

Cover Design: Emily Curtis

BBC / Tiger Aspect / Jackpot Productions - Bad Education.

Bad Education are returning with their fifth series and we're lucky enough to have the cast of Class K on the cover of ReVamp Magazine. We chat to each of the class mates of what to expect from the new series, working with our previous cover stars (Layton Williams & Charlie Wernham) and unlocking memories of the times when they were in school.

Laura Marcus's interview...

Hello Laura! Thanks for being part of ReVamp. It’s a brand new year! How was 2023 for you?

2023 was pretty lit. In the words of Layton Williams I have been booked and blessed. It’s been a very exciting year and yeah it’s been great!

A brand new season of Bad Education is coming out. What can you tell the fans about this new season? How different is this season from the first?

It’s more ambitious than last year but not that kind of ambitious. Louder, cookier and crazier, all of it!

We last saw Jinx in the Christmas Musical episode singing her heart out. When you found out you were doing a musical episode how did it feel?

I loved it! I used to be a dancer and a backup singer for a band and last year’s musical episode was so iconic! It was so much fun! So to work with Felix again who is a legend and an absolute genius was exciting!

When you went to secondary school. What was a core memory that you remember in school that kids these days don’t have?

It’s funny because me and Asha were just talking about this! It’s wild what they have at school these days which is a fantastic question because, in the girls’ toilets, they have tampons and pads just provided, the same way they have loo roll. When I was in school they use to have this machine where you had to out 50p or £1 for a tampon and you’re just screwed. So you used to run to the nurse and beg and she would look at us like you should have bought supplies. You felt judged! 

Bad Education is on BBC Three at 9pm from Sunday, with all episodes available on BBC iPlayer.

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