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Zac Smith

7th Jan 2021

Interview & Photography: Owen James Vincent

Logo Design: Emily Curtis

A big thanks to Jennifer from Moda PR

To start 2022 we want to give you ReVamp's most sexiest cover shoot ever! We had the chance to photograph and chat to Dreamboy, Zac Smith. 

Zac spoke to us about his time in Dreamboys, highs and lows of 2021 and what this year brings.

Owen: Hey Zac! Happy New Year! Thanks for chatting to ReVamp and doing an incredible photoshoot with us. What have you learnt from 2021?

Zac: The biggest thing I've learnt from 2021 is to trust your process regardless of what comes in the way. I had a lot of lows during the lockdown periods; I decided to work on myself as an artist and how I create an income when the world has gone to shit. So I became a lot more driven on working on myself as a package, as a performer and side hustling such as video editing. I also have Only Fans as well, so I would make that more liberal and my source of income for the times where I can't perform and also the fact that everything does turn out ok. 

I had a lot of lows in 2021 where I fell heavily into drugs and got in a dark place, it was hard to see the end and see where anything was going to but my best friend Connor, pulled me out of it. Before, I had an injury and then I joined the Dreamboys everything looked like it was going well until Covid hit and then we went into lockdowns and when I thought life was getting better again, it all suddenly went to shit. The main thing I learnt was to hustle, learn to grind and create an income for myself but most importantly stay positive cause everything sorts itself out in the end. 

O: It's true! I'm such a worrier and I worry all the time. My friend said you shouldn't worry when it hasn't even happened yet! 

Z: Exactly! I use to have a lot of anxiety in the past. I've really just learnt to relax and to go with my gut on a lot of things and to stop worrying about stuff that I can't control and start on the things that I can control.

O: You’re a member of the Dreamboys what made you want to be a performer?

Z: I actually never knew I wanted to be a performer but I was always a show-off. [laughs]

O: [laughs] Really?

Z: And a massive attention seeker! When I was a kid I would run around the house naked. [laughs] 

O: [laughs] How old were you?

Z: I was like 8? and then that's when my family knew I was going to be something. Plus I love being a cheeky chappy and having a laugh [laughs]

O: Being a Dreamboy do you feel like you have a lot of pressure on yourself with staying in shape for the show?

Z: Yeah! You know the thing about Dreamboys is everyone is very talented but we have to match certain criteria like we have to tick a box like the boy next door or that daddy look or whatever else you bring to the show but everyone has to be in shape. Society views the male physique as the ideal is to be muscular and in shape, it also reflects your work ethic as well. Like there's something sexy when someones who's in shape because it says a lot about them I think. There's definitely a lot of pressure on us to maintain physique which can be very stressful like it's been hard to deal with body dysmorphia like myself. I think a lot of people have a problem looking in the mirror sometimes and you know were exactly the same and that's why some people like myself go down the fitness, modelling world away from Dreamboys because I got so obsessed because of the pressure and some family issues that I had when I was younger. Being bullied for being small and my Dad grabbing my waste saying I need to watch what I eat is sort of where it started. So yeah it is a pressure to be in shape for my job because if I don't have a six-pack, well, I can't be part of the company. 

O: Yeah it's crazy! I had a friend who did a bit of modelling and over the Christmas break, they put on a bit of weight and the modelling agency told them they can't use them for jobs. To me a little bit of weight I couldn't see the difference! 

Z: I've had it both ways! I've been told I've been too big for certain things and that's mental to me. One of my closest friends is an established fitness model and he use to worry so much about the fine line of being too shredded or too big because his fitness agency has told him they can't use him. You have to fit in a runner build or a footballer build and everyone ticks a box and in that industry, there's massive pressure on it.

O: If you weren’t part of the Dreamboys. What else do you think you’ll be doing?

Z: Covid taught me what I would be doing if I wasn't part of the Dreamboys because I never really knew. One of my side hustles is that I'm studying to be a PT because of all of my past with drug abuse and body dysmorphia I wanted to find a way to make money and help people because this man has got to eat but also want people to get over stuff like their weight, body positivity and mental health.

O: Oh wow! Yeah if I wasn't doing photography I think I would like to be a therapist as I love talking to people a lot and checking in on people, asking if they're ok, helping them with their problems. 

Z: Yeah I like to help people! I've always been a people person.

O: Same! So is my family as they are very social. They love to party and have friends around!

O: Would you be interested in doing any reality shows? I knew you did The Bridge?

Z: Yes! The Bridge that was on Channel 4! I would but it depends on which one. I like a challenge! The Bridge was like Bear Grills meets Love Island meets some other challenge TV program. It was a bit much with the food restriction and everything but that kind of vibe absolutely. I wouldn't do Love Island as I don't think it's for me. Anything that's a challenge like I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! That's absolutely up my street.  

O: And what about The Circle? 

Z: I would do The Circle as I love mental games as well. I've played video games my whole life and that seems like a real-life video game to me and I would defiantly like to catfish the hell out of someone. [laughs]

O: Have you got any funny stories from being on stage? 

Z: I've got loads of stories of being in Dreamboys! On the Dreamboys Tour show, we're all dancers, acrobats and fitness models, etc. There are two dedicated dick-out guys that are in the show. We’re not supposed to get our private parts out and we're not paid to anyway but literally last month I accidentally hooked my underwear to my trousers. During the song 'Another One Bits The Dust' there's a moment we pull our trousers down and butts are out and my whole junk was out! It was more embracing because my boss was watching and I locked eyes and I went "Oh No!". [laughs]  

O: Lastly, Any big plans for 2022? Got any goals you want to achieve this year? 

Z: My goals moving forward are more financial than anything. I'm moving up on Dreamboys as I'm in the management team and I would also like to start being a creative director of the shows and doing more of the media side of things like video editing and creating content for them. My big goal is I have a number in my head that I wanna make for the year and put money aside and get a house with my partner! Lastly, get a qualification to be a PT!

O: Sounds amazing! Thanks again for an incredible cover story, Zac! All the best! 

Go and see Zac and the Dreamboys on tour! Go and grab your tickets here.

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