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We Are Messengers

30th May 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

We got to chat to We Are Messengers on how they formed as band, their latest album and future projects.

Congrats on your album that launched last year, can we talk a bit about how 'We Are Messengers' formed as a band?

Thanks, it's been such a beautiful journey. We love this record, how it sounds, feels and moves. The band really started back in 2011 with a project called the Remission Flow in Ireland. We were weekend warriors, packing our cars up with gear and traveling the country singing songs of hope. In 2014 Warner brothers in Nashville signed us to a record deal and we moved out here to the USA  and have been doing this ever since. There's been a lot of ups and downs but we wouldn't change a thing.

You are all about vulnerability and putting your feelings out there, what made you want to go down that route?

I guess we realized that nobody is helped when we pretend that everything's ok. We are not interested in being cool or contemporary, we've got a blue collar work ethic and we love engaging our fans in real conversation about the hard places and the beautiful ones too. It really is a cathartic thing being in this band and it forces us to reckon with the best and and the worst of ourselves and each other. There is tones of healing and empathy in that. 

All of you are very in touch with your emotional connection to your religious side, how do you like to portray that in your music? 

Yeah, we are unashamed believers in Jesus. That can sound trite to some or off putting when you mention the word Christian but God has been transformational in our lives and we don't want to hide that. I love when people realize we are a rock n roll band and that we sing songs about wrestling with depression, doubt, fear, insecurity and loneliness. Jesus is as real as they come and we think that the message of the Gospel is more needed than it's ever been. 

Your album 'Whole Hearted', what was the process of writing and recording this album?

This one was like water, effortless. The inspiration came on the road, in coffee shops theaters, arenas and our bedrooms and we made sure to capture it as it flowed past. We didn't stress over every detail and we love that every song sound like the story its telling.

How is it different from any of the other songs that you have produced?

We didn't stress once over the process. It's our third full length and a crucial one in any artists career but we treated this as a joy, we love getting to do what we do and so the pressure fell off and we didn't strive for hip or perfection, we just wrote lyrics we believed in, sang melodies that carried them and worked on production that didn't distract from either of those.

If you could choose one song off the album, what would be your favourite song?

It would be "Close", that one has that big old chorus that hits like my favorite bands but it  took me facing a lot of monsters in my life to get to lyrics like "sometimes falling feels like flying but it's the only way I know, so I won't hurry through the heartache if it's what it takes to draw me close"

What is next for you?

We are just finishing up a USA headline tour and about to take a couple months back home in Ireland before Summer festivals and a Fall USA headline tour. We're working on a very Irish sounding Ep, made up of love songs, home songs, heartache songs that sound and feel like the land that still owns our hearts. That will drop some time this year.

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