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26th January 2024

Digital Editor & Interview: Pankhuri Bhutani

Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Photography: JYP Entertainment

K-Pop has quite smoothly transformed into a landscape that has been garnering worldwide attention these days. With a plethora of group trying to establish themselves within this industry trying to test out their lucks, our latest cover stars have already amassed a successful fanbase even before the release of their official debut single. 

Formed under the massively successful record label JYP Entertainment, VCHA showcases their distinct and intricate artistic abilities through their recent offering "Ready 4 The World." Their initial pre-debut project "SEVIT: New Light" was also accompanied by a fantastic music video for its lead track "Y.O. Universe" amalgamating their ethereal vocal skills with their impeccable choreography. 

All the six members (Lexi, Camila, Kendall, Savanna, KG, and Kaylee) were brought together as an offical group in the globally renowned competition A2K (America2Korea) and were given the name VCHA; further defining illumination and them projecting their brightest light to their fans. 

The six-member group is all set to release their debut single, "Girls of the Year". They have already highlighted this exciting endeavour by sharing multiple teasers of short visual sequences for their official debut single's music video. 
We recently had a discussion with our latest cover stars VCHA about their debut phase, first impressions of each other, overall creative process behind their recent offering, plans for the future and much more! 

Hi there girls. Thank you for joining us as our latest cover stars of ReVamp! How are you all doing?

Lexi: Hi! It’s Lexi here. I’m doing pretty good so far! Recently, it has been very fun and energetic. There is lots of training and lots of bonding between the members! Thanks for asking.

Camila: We’re doing great!!

Kendall: Thank you so much for having us! We are thankful to be on ReVamp today! We are doing well so far, working hard for the future so be sure to look forward to it!

Savanna: Thank you for having us! I am doing great, just working hard on all the upcoming plans we have prepared to share!

KG: We are doing great! How are you?

Kaylee: I’m doing really great! Excited to show everyone what we have been working for!

I would love to begin our conversation by asking about your upcoming single "Girls of the Year". First of all, huge congratulations on the track! Talk to me more about how it was like working on the song. What was the creative process like behind this specific project?

Lexi: This was the first new song that we got to hear after our first pre debut single so it was very exciting! When we first heard it we were in shock. My jaw was wide open because the song was so perfect in so many ways. I remember everyone was so excited we literally jumped up and down. It matched our vibe and style and the song itself is just so energetic and beautiful, fun. I pictured myself as the main character of a movie and really got into it. This made the execution of the song so much easier!

Kendall: Thank you! First off, it was super exciting to listen to our debut track for the first time! It was actually even more exciting because we were able to meet the writers/producers of the record and react to it for the first time in front of them! We absolutely loved the song and just wanted to listen to it over and over again, we knew it was a great fit for us and became extremely eager to be able to record it! So when we finally got to the recording studio, we just had to work hard on nailing down the emotional aspect of this song. We received tips on the technical aspects of the song but other than that we just had to get into the mood to record. It was super fun and I hope you all enjoy it just as much as we do!

KG: When we first listened to the song, we all fell in love. The track gives off such a bright energy which really represents VCHA, I could instantly imagine us on a big stage jumping up and down. During the recording process I made sure to give the same energy in the chorus by imagining I was on stage performing it. It’s definitely one of my favorites!

Going back to your official three-track debut music release "SeVit: (New Light)", the music video for the lead track "Y.O.Universe" looks like a lot of fun! How was your experience like with the choreography and shooting the MV for the song?

Savanna: I loved the choreography! We initially learned it on the show, so learning it with the 6 of us to our voices on the track was really cool and exciting. The music video was also such a cool experience, especially it being the first. I loved the different solo scenes we all had representing our pasts and how we all got here. I think it was a really good first music video to share as a group!

Kendall: Our experience with Y.O.Universe choreography was a long journey. We first learned the choreography on our show, A2K, but as two separate groups. Therefore, to finally come together as one group to perform it was a very meaningful moment for all of us since it was our first song together as VCHA. Shooting the MV was also a very insightful and fun time. We got to spend long hours working on beautiful sets and experienced working professionally while still enjoying the time together.

Kaylee: The whole experience was so fun and special because we shot this in Seoul for the first time as VCHA. Filming something professionally was such a great experience as well! I’m really excited to film more!

When I was recording the song, I tried really hard to get into the right vibe and feel which made the whole process even more.

Your group has showcased a beautiful diversity amongst the members; representing a novel K-Pop American group within the current landscape of Korean music. 

Now that you have performed and been through an immensely successful journey on A2K, do you remember the first impressions you had of each other when meeting for the first time?

Lexi: At first glance I thought everybody was too cool for me. It was so nerve wracking because everyone was so pretty and skillful. The first evaluations were so entertaining to watch and it sparked this passion in me. The other girls actually motivated me to be a better version of myself, so I wanted to work super hard.

KG: I think when we first met each other we were all so nervous because everyone was so talented, and of course we didn’t know who was going to make it. I remember meeting Kaylee for the first time and thinking how cute she was. But I remember the first day we all met, we instantly had chemistry and clicked so well.

Kendall: Although it’s been a long time since we first met each other, I believe some of us do remember our first impressions of one another. I only remember a couple first impressions because I met most of them together in a group. I met Camila first at the Dallas audition and what I remember I was impressed because she looked like a model, also I overheard her singing because she went right before me so it made me more anxious. I also remember meeting Kaylee for the first time because we were both eating at the hotel restaurant the night before the LA boot camp started and we kept looking at one another because we didn’t know who would be attending the camp. I remember Kaylee was so cute and looked so young I knew she was going to be the youngest contestant. The next person I met was Lexi on the first day of the competition, I just remember thinking how pretty she was and when we first talked she was really nice so I wanted to get to know her more so I asked her to be my “desk buddy” for school that morning.

When listening to your music, all of you projected your own artistic abilities and it was quite surreal to see how they all were balanced so perfectly. Being a K-Pop American group who has trained under the same process as almost all of the biggest K-pop stars currently, how would you personally describe VCHA's music?

Lexi: Our music is bright, energetic, and youthful! It’s all about being a unique individual that shines in this world that we live in. We want to promote that we are all so special in our own ways!

KG: I would say VCHA’s music is energetic and gives a bright energy to others.

Camila: I would say that our music conveys the message of being confident and trusting your friends. The sound also plays a big part, you will always hear a fun track for Vcha. I also think that we have various styles, which is cool, so you can get a little bit of everything.

Kaylee: Our songs are in English, but they give that uplifting feeling that is found frequently in K-pop! Our songs are also perfect for us because we can show our different talents through them!

JYP Entertainment is quite a well established label to be a part of. What has your experience been like working with them so far? Does it put any kind of pressure on yourselves knowing you're a part of such an extremely popular entertainment label?

Savanna: Working with JYP has been amazing even from the beginning of the A2K series when we first came to Korea. We’ve learned so much from the instructors. Of course there’s pressure knowing the company we are part of, but for me personally, it gives me motivation to keep working hard to be the best version of myself since we are representing JYPE.

Kendall: Working with JYP Entertainment has been an amazing experience since A2K. Working as an artist now at JYP Entertainment definitely puts pressure on us since we have now taken on the reputation and responsibility of the JYP legacy. However, with the full support from the company, we are ready to take on that responsibility as VCHA.

Camila: Of course there is a lot of pressure being part of this amazing company. We can’t disappoint and we need to keep the good legacy of JYP groups. But that motivates us so much because we know what we’re capable of and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

What would you say was the key element that helped all of you bond together as a team?

Savanna: I think for us, getting deep and personal helped us to bond. It made us closer and learn more about each other and our upbringings. Practicing together has also helped.

KG: I would say being able to do what we love together makes us close as we really relate to each other. Sharing the same interests of dancing and singing, it’s definitely more fun with the girls. We definitely go through a lot together, from training, practicing, and performances, but we all love doing it and are always there to lift each other up.

Kaylee: Ironically, I think our differences helped us bond! We are all from different backgrounds even though we are mostly American! We are able to relate to each other's experiences, but it is also so amazing to discover new things about the members!

How would you say has your experience been like working together ever since the conception of the group? Do you have any plans for your future professional endeavors?

Lexi: So far we’ve had great teamwork! We work really well together because we all love helping each other out. We grow and learn so much just being with each other. We are all skillful in our own ways so we all bring something different to the table!

Kendall: Since the conception of VCHA, we have grown a lot. We have learned a lot about ourselves and each other in every way which has allowed us to grow together in numerous ways. We have worked very hard but we also remember to have fun and enjoy the experience. For the future, we do have many hopes and plans so be sure to look forward to them!

Camila: I think we're improved in many ways due to the hard work we've put in. I think we all want to be able to show that to everyone around the world so we can’t wait to go on tour when possible.

Savanna: We’ve gone through our trials and errors, as any new group would, but it really allowed us to learn about each other and get closer. Practicing day and night with each other has been so fun, and we’ve created lots of funny memories with each other!

Now that we're almost on the verge of the release of this single, how is this pre-debut anticipation period going for you? Feeling nervous or excited?

Lexi: This pre-debut feeling definitely has me on edge. I know we’ve already gone public as VCHA and we are out in the world, but our official debut will really confirm it. That feeling is both scary but exciting!! I can’t wait to start this journey that we have ahead of us.

Camila: I'm very excited! I love the track, Ready for the World. I think it’s a very fun and fresh song, and it really suits us. I know a lot of people have been waiting for the full song so I’m glad that we can share it and that everyone can enjoy it.

KG: I’m more excited than nervous because I know we’ve worked so hard for this moment and no matter what, we genuinely enjoy what we are doing and that’s what’s most important.

Kaylee: I’m very excited! I don’t think I'm nervous at all! I really love our songs and I’m sure everyone will agree! I hope everyone will support us!

(Thank you for joining me for this interview, girls. Wishing you lots of luck on this exciting new chapter!) Lastly, I would love to know if there's any message that you'd like to convey to your fans currently reading this interview?

Lexi: Thank you so much for all of the support that you guys have given us until now. Please stay tuned for our new content and we hope you enjoy what’s to come!!

Camila: There’s a lot of amazing and fun projects coming up! I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve been working on! Thank you so much for supporting us!

Kendall: Thank you for having us! To all the fans reading this, thank you so much for all the support and for believing in us! We will always continue to work hard so please look well towards our future! We hope to be able to meet you all in person one day! Thank you!

Savanna: Again, thank you for having us! I just want to say thank you to all of our supporters for loving us and giving us motivation when we need it most. I hope you guys will look forward to everything we have planned. Stay tuned because you don’t want to miss them!

KG: Thank you to all our fans for supporting us. We look forward to sharing this journey, and one day we hope to perform and meet you in person!

Kaylee: I would like to thank everyone that has been supporting us and everyone who will support us going forward! We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all the people behind us! Thank you so much and please tune in for our new releases!

Check out there music video to 'Girls of the Year' by VCHA

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