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24th August 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Releasing their latest electronic single 'Under The Spell' this month. We got to chat to Ultraflex all about their single and their upcoming album 'Infinite Wellness'

Hi Guys, thanks so much for talking to ReVamp, who were your inspirations growing up and who inspired you to get into music?

Norwegian duo Knutsen & Ludvigsen were our first idols, along with Aqua and Spice Girls. We try to emulate Spice Girls somewhat on the power ballad 'Melting Away' on our upcoming album. 

Your new single ‘Under The Spell’ was released on the 18th August, what was the process like when writing and recording this single?

This is one of the songs written in deep pandemic when all we wanted to do was to go out dancing, but the closest we could get was a private bedroom dance party of one. We recorded the vocals over and over again, with different attitudes and emphasis. We both recorded all of them individually and then chose afterwards what we felt fit each part best. Initially the verses were supposed to be sung, but they ended up spoken with a vocoder doing the melody instead, to serve as more of a contrast to the bridge and chorus.

What would you say your favourite lyric from the new single is?

“Used to stay in bed but I can feel it’s changing”. It only comes one time close to the end, but somehow catches our attention each time we listen back to the track. Perhaps because it’s the most vulnerable part - while at the same time hopeful.

How different is this new single from the other music you have released?

It’s in many ways more commercial than the rest of the album. And the lyrics have less of an ironic undertone - and are less erotic. We tried to counteract the pop vocals with a more raw electro production, to maintain a bit of the punk spirit.

You have such a busy year, you also have an album coming out ‘Infinite Wellness’, what can we expect from this?

A lot of new Tinder anthems and songs for your sex playlists. Our influences range from Enrique Iglesias and Usher to International Music System and Alice Deejay, so we’re serving up quite a varied selection that would fit both the pre party, main party - and of course the after party.

How do you decide which singles will be going on the album, and do you ever change what features on the album?

We show all the songs to our parents and the ones they like the least go on the album.

What are you most looking forward to when releasing ‘Infinite Wellness’? 

The groupies!

You can download 'Under The Spell' by Ultraflex on all streaming platforms.

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