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Troye Sivan

14th July 2023

Words: Chris Richmond

Photo Credit: Stewart Winecoff

All the best male popstars are gay; it's simple mathematics. They've got access to fuel and resources and ingredients designed for pop music creation that their heterosexual counterparts are simply unaware of. They're students of pop, pursuers of the form, and so much more capable than anyone non-queer could ever dream of being - and Troye Sivan is no different. He's built a small but dedicated following in the almost-decade that he's been active, and there's a couple of outstanding singles to be found throughout his patchy discography, but it's never felt like he's had a true and proper all-guns-blazing popstar moment. 'My My My' came close, but 'Rush' is on a whole other level. 'Rush' is that true and proper all-guns-blazing popstar moment, the type of moment that's hard to come by and that doesn't happen very often. It immediately feels like one for the history books. 

The song is pure queer summer. It's Basement Jaxx whacked through a homosexual filter, an old-school dance-banger that somehow sounds invigoratingly throwback and blisteringly modern at the same time. The central chant which thrusts through the chorus is addictive, a battle cry of gay euphoria, the searing tropical-house production pulsing and throbbing underneath Troye's sultry vocals. He's not a powerhouse vocalist, but he's never claimed to be, and his voice is more than competent when bound to a massive pop banger designed for radio. The only criticism which can validly be placed at the feet of 'Rush' is that it didn't come out two months ago before Pride season had kicked off - in another life, we've been popping our pussies to the song all summer.

As enrapturing as the song itself is the music video; a rare popstar package which marries a brilliant song with a brilliant video. The video is muggy and horny, with bums and boys the ingredient of the hour, its pallette sizzling with the warm summer glow of a heated Berlin. The colours burst, and the boys thrust, and Troye has never looked sexier. And in an era in which LGBTQ+ rights are being infringed upon on a daily basis worldwide, the importance of one of our finest queer artists highlighting - nay, celebrating - our community with such explosive joy cannot be understated. It's an ascension of sorts, the type of song and video fusion which signifies that a popstar has entered a new phase of their career. It's a bit of a lightning in a bottle moment for Troye, a moment that we've been waiting to happen for years, and which sees him finally at the peak of his powers. 

Check out the music video to 'Rush' by Troye Sivan

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