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Tristian Eggerling

17th October 2021

Photography & Styling: Vince Trupsin

Editor in Chief: Owen James Vincent

Grooming: Fran Gicaro

Interview: Jordan Arthur

Logo Design: Emily Curtis

A big thanks to Kelly-Marie from MLC PR Agency for organising ReVamp's first international photoshoot!

This Spooktober, ReVamp is pleased to welcome up-and-coming actor Tristian Eggerling, who is appropriately about to make his blockbuster debut in Halloween Kills. OG Halloween fans who have been here since day one back in 1978 (we see you) will be thrilled as Tristian takes on the role of Lonnie, shedding some light on the character’s past and adding to Halloween’s rich lore.

Hi Tristian, and welcome to ReVamp! It must be a super exciting time for you as your first blockbuster movie, Halloween Kills, is about to hit cinemas. How did your friends and family react when they found out you were going to be part of such an iconic franchise?

Hi ReVamp and thanks so much for talking with me! It has been so cool to find out how many of my friends and family are Halloween fans.  Everyone started calling, telling me about seeing huge billboards and the trailers promoting Halloween Kills.

We are going to get everyone together and host a watch party on opening weekend and I have some special posters and 1970s Mr Bones candy to give away!  Mr Bones was my inspiration (and a nod to the flashback scenes) for my custom-made black carpet premiere costume. 

Of course this isn’t your first acting role, you’ve been on screen for some time - including as a scapegoat for Mitch & Cam’s carpet caper in (a personal favourite) Modern Family season 2. Does it feel different going from TV to movies? Or is it ‘just another day at the office?’

Yes, Modern Family was the first principal role I ever booked. Rachael Harris played my mom and she was so nice to work with.  Mitch & Cam are always creating chaos on set, and it was fun to see that vase break about 20 times! TV and film are quite a bit different in my opinion, especially comedic shows versus dramatic films - which has been most of my experience.

Many takes and staying tight on the writer’s words for TV, while fewer longer takes per scene with some room for improv, is more likely with films.  But any day on either type of set is total magic for me.

Did you know much about the Halloween movies before you took on the role? Did the prospect of being anywhere near that creepy mask make you think twice…?

I am pretty sure everyone knows of Michael Myers… He has been creeping around long before I was even born! The trailers alone have scared me, so I had not seen any of the Halloween franchise films before I booked [my character] young Lonnie.

Reading the script was intense, so I was trying to prepare to look calm on the first day of shooting. The cool part to know is that once you see how the atmosphere is created on location, and get a lesson from Chris Nelson about creating The Shape’s mask, and spend time practicing stunts with Airon before he gets behind the mask to stalk you… It’s all just fun and games disguised as work!

As you mention, in Halloween Kills, you play a younger version of the character Lonnie Elam, first seen way back in 1978. Was it fun getting to put your own spin on an existing character? Was there anything specific from previous depictions you wanted to reference in your portrayal?

After I realized the significance of Lonnie’s flashbacks to 1978, I was honored to be able to pull a bit from the past and set up some silent thoughts and motivations for the present-day Lonnie.

What I found interesting was the irony of Lonnie’s past as a bully, and how going further into his arc I found the truth that being a bully is just a cover for lacking courage. I don’t want to spoil the film, but it’s a driving force for Lonnie’s decisions in Halloween Kills. I think there are a few lessons in the film actually… It’s not all blood and kills.  

When audiences see Halloween Kills, they are probably in for a pretty tense couple of hours. But what’s it like on set for a film like this? You mentioned there was a lot of fun… I imagine to help balance out the terror?

My experience on set was completely different than in the theatre watching Halloween Kills. Watching the film was intense, with brutal kills and angry mobs to match an even angrier Shape.

It was cool to hear the audience laugh in the theatre though. There are so many callbacks to enjoy and some comedic breaks to cut the intensity.

On set was a different vibe for sure. It was run, scream, fall down, gasp for air, and then after DDG yelled ‘cut’, everyone was laughing and the excitement of being a part of the masterpiece was high. It was a physical role to play with so much emotion, so I was exhausted at the end of each day, but I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

Finally, what can you tell us about what might be coming up on the horizon for you, and where can we find you on social media?

I do have something really cool in process at the moment, but it’s too early to talk about.  I hope to be able to share with everyone soon though!

Instagram: @TristianEggerling

Twitter: @T_Eggerling

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