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Triple Charm

24th December 2023

Digital Editor & Interview: Pankhuri Bhutani

Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Photo Credits: Secret Key Entertainment

It is not everyday we witness the rise of entertainment groups formed out from one's family in itself within the landscape of entertainment. Defying all odds in terms of the potential a sibling-group can achieve, Triple Charm recently released their novel offering "No Problema" in alignment with the Hispanic month. 

Having such significant Latin roots, the three siblings Amalia, Raena and Gabriella- showcased their diverse roots through their immensely successful projects; celebrating one of the key elements of their heritage- Dance. 

Singing is merely one of the plethora of talents the sisters possess as we see quite a range of distinct content that the trio has established on their several social media platforms; some of the videos including vlogs, cooking, advice for upcoming dancers, choreographic sequences, Dance Tutorials, Music, Fun Challenges and much more!  

Triple Charm has successfully garnered the support and love of millions of fans from across the globe and as a major accomplishment, they will be taking a huge next step of their successful journey. 

Triple Charm is all set to headline their debut shows in Los Angeles for January 20th at the iconic venue: The Roxy and in New York City on January 27th at The Gramercy Theatre (promoted by Live Nation). 

We recently had a chat with the three wonderful sisters for our latest cover regarding their professional journey, creative process behind their tracks, what the fans can expect from their upcoming debut performance and what they have in store for the future! 

Hello there Triple Charm! Thank you for joining us as our latest cover stars on ReVamp Magazine! How are you all doing?

Thank you so much for having us! We are doing great! This is the busiest we’ve probably been this year and it feels great. Coming up on a new single we’re releasing this month called “Timeless” and the two live shows we have in January, this has been an amazing way to close out the year!

Since we're almost at the end of this year, what according to you three has been the most memorable moment of 2023 for all of you?

The most memorable event in 2023 for us was definitely our first live show. We sold out our first-ever headlining show and it was the most unforgettable experience. We’ve loved performing our whole lives but this was the first time we got to sing our original music in front of a packed crowd. The energy was incredible and we absolutely loved getting to meet so many of our fans. It really lit a fire in us and since then we’ve just been eager to get back on stage! 

I obviously have to start this interview by talking about your recent single "No Problema". Kindly walk me through the creative process behind the track. Do you remember the initial inspiration that led you to pen down and record this song? 

Our latest single “No Problema” was one we actually wrote just before our live show in May. We knew we wanted to perform an unreleased original and we had the idea for this single, so we ran with it. The initial inspiration was the idea of daydreaming and how you go off into your own world. We wanted to capture that feeling of paradise and the place where you can leave all your worries behind. With this single, it became almost a combination of two completely different sounds. We wanted to capture the dreamy, tropical elements of paradise but also wanted it to have this upbeat party energy because in our paradise there is definitely dancing. The song has some reggaeton and Caribbean beats intertwined, which made the creative process for this single so fun and unlike anything we’d ever done before. Having two totally different vibes but still trying to tell a cohesive story was a challenge but the outcome is something we are super proud of and it all really seemed to fall into place!

Having such a prominent Latina heritage, it must be quite an experience releasing the track in alignment with Hispanic month! What has the response been like so far on this project? Are you enjoying the reception you have received on the track?

The response has been so amazing to “No Problema”! Anytime we release something new we are always excited to see how our audience feels about it. This single was very different from our previous release “Tough Boy” and you never really know how people will react to something new but we were so happy once it was out. Getting to see all the love people have for the single makes us so happy! We created a dance trend to “No Problema” and we have seen so many people hop onto it on YouTube and Instagram. It has been incredible! We love to just scroll on our explore page and see everyone who’s using our song. It really blows our minds and we are so happy that people are enjoying the music we create!

The music video for the track looks like a lot of fun! How was your experience like shooting for this particular MV?

The music video for “No Problema” has got to be one of our favorite music videos we’ve ever shot and is definitely one of the most memorable moments of 2023. We got to film the music video in Puerto Rico, which is actually where our grandparents grew up. This is our second bilingual single and every time we write in Spanish, it just makes us feel even more connected to our roots. Getting to shoot the music video on the island where our family grew up made this one even more special. We got to film in Old San Juan where our abuelo is from and just being on the island was so special to us. We are so happy we got to capture it and can share the magic of the island with everyone!

You also released a phenomenal performance video for the song very recently. Do you remember the BTS in terms of the choreography, outfits and everything? Any special behind-the-scenes you'd like to share with us? 

Yes! The performance video for “No Problema” was a fun one! We had a pretty tight turnaround, but honestly on tight deadlines is when we thrive. We already had the basis of the choreography from when we shot the music video but the week before the shoot Amalia finished the rest of the song. We wanted all the transitions between shots to be seamless, so a major part of the creative process for the choreography was coming up with unique and interesting formations. It really pushed us creatively and Amalia definitely rose to the occasion. The week of the shoot we had a rehearsal with all of the dancers and taught them the choreography. A funny moment in rehearsal and even during the shoot was figuring out how to incorporate the sunglasses with the dance. In the very beginning of the chorus we say “drop your shades now” and let's just say there was a lot of trial and error getting the shades to drop at the right time!

You will also be headlining your debut shows in LA on Jan. 20th at The Roxy and in NYC on Jan. 27th at The Gramercy Theatre. Huge congratulations on that! What can your fans expect from this upcoming performance? 

We are so excited to be back on stage at the start of 2024! We will be performing all of our original music plus some super fun covers. We may also be performing an unreleased single...we can’t say too much about this one but if you’re at the shows you’ll get a sneak peak! We are excited to bring what you see on screen to real life, so you can definitely expect lots of singing and dancing, plus some fun challenges and videos brought to life!

Being creatives who have garnered such a massive presence from around the world; does it ever feel pressurising to release your projects knowing there's such an immensely large fanbase eager to watch your content out there? 

That’s a good question and there definitely is pressure but not in a way that makes us worried about the outcome of a song we release, rather how quickly we can get something new out! Our audience is constantly ready for new music, so we want to keep getting even more music out there. We’ve learned through each release so far how truly supportive our audience is and with each single, the love we get from our fans is truly amazing. We like to explore different sub-genres, so a lot of our music is different from one another. Sometimes we can be unsure whether our audience will like a new sound, but every time we are surprised and amazed by their reactions! Releasing more music is always the goal and something we are looking forward to in 2024. 

From singing to dance performances, novel challenges, vlogs, insightful Q&A, content creation and much more, it's like you three have got it all covered!

How do you personally balance these elements in terms of time management in order to take time out for both your professional and personal lives?

Balance is something that is very important to us and what keeps us energized to continue creating new content of all types. Since we work from home, it can be difficult to differentiate work from personal time, so we’ve created a schedule (like a 9-5) to help us have that balance. Of course, sometimes that schedule goes out the window with late-night recording sessions or rehearsals but for the most part, having that time to relax at the end of the day is what helps us stay balanced. In the evening, we like to take time for our own hobbies or just chill out and watch Netflix together. Spending time just as sisters always helps us reconnect and go into work the next day feeling pumped and excited.

What would you say has been the key element that made you bond together as a team. I know being sisters there's always that special memories that you share and cherish but do you think there's a factor asides from being family that helps you stand out from the other sibling groups out there?

Definitely being sisters has created a bond between us unlike anything else. It is truly amazing to work with your sisters because you can give it to each other straight but you know it’s always from a place of love and we each want what's best for each other. Besides just being family, having different strengths has helped us thrive as a team. We can each focus on the things we are good at because we each have different strengths that fill in the gaps. Living together and being together 24/7 has helped us become so in sync…we are basically just 1 superhuman LOL!

What's next for you three? Is there anything on your bucket list for the year 2024?

We are super excited for all that 2024 has in store! Starting the new year with two live shows in LA and NYC is the perfect way to start out the year! An EP is something we hope to have in the works in 2024 and a bucket list item for us is always to travel. We are looking forward to lots of adventures in 2024.

(Thank you for joining me for this interview!) Lastly, I would love to know if there's anything that you would like to "ReVamp" in your lives, what might that be? 

Ooo we are looking forward to revamping our long-form videos on YouTube! We have done a few long-form videos on our YouTube channel and our audience always loves and asks for more of them. So, we are definitely looking forward to bringing those back, stronger and even more consistent in 2024!

Also, any message that you would like to convey to your fans currently reading this interview?

You are amazing! Thank you so much for all of your support, we truly wouldn’t be here without you. We get to live out our dreams every day because of your support and we encourage and hope to inspire you to go after your dreams too! You are capable of anything you set your mind to and we believe in you! Can’t wait to see you all in 2024!

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