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Tom Did It

23rd November 2023

Interview: Amy Bell

The Hertfordshire-hailing artist and producer fuse rap with indie pop in ‘Stupid Love’ – a unique combination that allows the talent to showcase the full breadth of his artist toolkit. A punchy beat combined with atmospheric synths and reverbs allow Tom Did It to showcase his vocal capabilities whilst touching on sensitive themes such as young love, heartbreak, and loss.

In three words describe your music?

Me, my life and where I’m going.

As someone else from Hertfordshire, like I am, how has your upbringing and surroundings inspired your music?

Family and me really wanting to be a musician. 

For readers who don’t know you, how did you get into music? Was music always something you wanted to get involved too, and who inspired you, is there an artist/song, you remember who triggered it?

Music has always been played in our house by my parents so yes all I want to do is music.

Congratulations on your single that has just come out ‘Stupid Love’, it has been out for a couple of days now, what has the reaction been like? 

Positive, I appreciate it because it’s comes from my heart, and I like to keep it that way.

I feel like men feel they can’t speak about their mental health as freely, but this song, is very emotional and can tell you to put your whole feelings out there, what was the story behind ‘Stupid Love’?

Me and what I was going through. There were bad times which didn’t help my ptsd, and I like to voice it out there because a lot of people going through similar things.

What was the recording/writing process like for this, and what did you enjoy the most out of the two? 

It was just a way for me to vent out my feelings.

When speaking about ‘Stupid Love’, do you feel like your music style has changed since you first began writing? 

I focus a lot on myself so it changes based on what I create from my own experience and emotions. I don’t keep tabs on music and what others are doing. 

You have worked with Sigala, Nafe Smallz, and Chip and working with Dj ironik, just to name a few, how does that make you feel, working with so many talented people?

Pleased and overwhelmed but at the same time I’m focused on my craft and they just give me guidance I need to keep going which is fortunate for me.

What is next for you in music? 

Back in the studio to make more music.

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