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The Kobras

3rd May 2023

Interview: Amy Bell

London psychedelic indie-rock band, The Kobras are lead singer Dessy from a tiny town in Bulgaria, and guitarist Harry and bassist Chloe are from the UK, so they play a lot on cultural contrasts.

Celebrating the feminine, masculine and everything in between, musically, their message is about connection, togetherness and their place in the Universe. Their new song 'Stardust' is a mantra for unity. 

The Kobras chats to us about the hit single, the message behind the single and future projects.

Thanks for talking to ReVamp, congratulations on your new single ‘Stardust’, released on the 19th of April, what has the feedback been since the release?

Everyone says they love it but we’re currently in the process of developing telepathy to see if they mean it or not.

You all grew up with a background in music but Dessy you didn’t pick up singing until your 20s, what made you want to resume your music?

I actually did a lot of singing as a child, which is what gave me the confidence that I could do it when I decided to pick up music again. My love for live performance and seeing bands groove in the flesh, combined with a few bitter break ups pushed me into wanting to express myself in that way. I also believe there is some past life business that needed to be finished.

How did ‘The Kobras’ come about, give us a background story of this.

( Dessy) I had the group for a couple of years going through different musicians and people trying to get it going, but it wasn’t working very well. It was a desperate time and I decided to create a profile on a website looking for musicians to play with. Meanwhile, Harry had made it his 2020 New Year’s resolution to start a band and also created a profile on the same website. He saw me there and spotted that we have the same influences. So one day I  received an email from him, we met up in person and hit it off from there. We then met Chloe at a friend's birthday party, she had only been playing bass for a month or so and the band continued like that.

What is the background of ‘Stardust’, and what was the recording/writing process like? 

Stardust was probably the first song we had written in which we felt like we had found our voice, it was over a year of the band having been together. I had written the chord progression with the two opening lines in the verses, with a slightly different melody as well as the riff from the chorus but at a slower speed. Dessy and I then sat down and got the rest of the lyrics, with her much more angelic voice. Then once we started jamming it out with the band the tempo of the choruses soon picked up and the “solo” section was also formed. We then started playing it live and have written more and more pieces that fit it stylistically. So naturally we wanted to get it out as a statement of intent. We recorded in Brighton at Farm Road Studios along with another single which should come out in the early summer.

I love that you are so fan-oriented, what makes your fan so different from the rest? 

We have no idea, we are very grateful to our community, because without their support, generosity, and friendship we probably wouldn’t have been able to record our new tracks. But here we are, one Kickstarter after, the songs are recorded and we are ready to give back.

You also have a headline show coming up on the 3rd of May, how are you preparing for this?

We’re rehearsing a lot and making sure we’re sharp, we haven't played live for a while so it's always a bit nerve-wracking getting back into it but once we get up there and start playing I'm sure it’ll be like we never left.

What is next for you?

Right after our headline show, we are about to start working on the music video for our next single ‘Rabbit Hole’. It’s an ambitious and really fun project, which Dessy is leading. That’s all we can say right now. As well as hopefully having a good long hot summer.

Check out the music video for 'Stardust' by The Kobras.

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