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The Hinkler Twins

30th November 2023

Interview: Georgia Coburn

Photography: Alex Roper

Emily & Elizabeth Hinkler also known as The Hinkler Twins are known for being in shows such as The Good Doctor, Boy Erased, One Day at a Time and now starring in Keanan and Kel's latest movie Good Burger 2.

We chat to The Hinkler Twins about everything they did on Good Burger 2.

How would you describe your characters and how they contribute to the storyline of Good Burger 2?

Our characters are Cindy and Mindy, 16 year old cooks at The Good Burger Restaurant. They are always cooking up fun and doing silly things like filming a robot makeup tutorial instead of doing their jobs. Because they are twins, Ed confuses them a lot, which works in their favor to help save the Good Burger restaurant! 

What are some memorable moments from working on this project together?

One of our most favorite moments was trying on giant yellow hazmat suits for our characters! We didn’t end up wearing them, but they were so big on us we just ran through the halls laughing and bouncing,  dancing and falling over! Everyone in the building was laughing so hard, all our tummies hurt!

Every day on set was full of laughter and hugs. We usually give out big double Hinkler hug sandwiches to everyone, but Kenan would make it a point to give us each individual hugs every day, which made us feel really loved and cared for- since we’re usually lumped together. Kenan is always incredibly thoughtful and kind. We also had the best days having Kel’s family there- even some of them are in the movie! 

Every day after filming we would share what we were grateful for for that day, but our list would just keep growing exponentially. It was definitely one of the most joyful periods in our lives.

Did any of the cast or crew mistake you for one another while filming?

Haha all the time! It’s a pretty usual thing for us. Our nametags “Cindy” and “Mindy” helped for sure, but even then it was tricky for people to remember which one of us was playing which character. Most of our scenes are together, so we went by the Hinklers for ease.

Did you go back and watch the early sketches from All That or the Good Burger from 1997 to get a sense of the vibe you were stepping into?

Oh yes! We even watched the very first twins, Tia and Tamera Mowry, in one of Ed’s Good Burger sketches where he is confused by them. It’s heartwarming to see things haven’t changed much in the past 26 years at The Good Burger.

You two have worked together almost more than you have worked separately, does it feel strange to be on a set without your sister/sibling for the projects that you work on alone?

It’s not strange to work separately and we are very used to that- it is its very own special opportunity. However, we do feel it’s extra magical working together, especially if we are traveling far from home for a long time. The opportunity to do what we love so much, acting together, and having the love and support from your best friend is priceless to us, but our greatest treasure is being together. 

What is the very best thing about being a twin? And what is something you’d change?

The very best part about being a twin is that we always have unconditional love and support from each other. If we weren’t twins, who knows if we would be pursuing what we love with such investment, joy, creativity, and inspiration. We never heard any voice louder than the other supporting us, or picking us up after we fall, and cheering us on to pursue our dreams.

Hm, what we’d change about being twins? The constant comparison. People either try to lump us together or tear us apart, as if we just can’t “be.” We just want to exist on our own, without being labeled the “smart or dumb twin,” “pretty or ugly twin,” “funny or serious twin,” etc. We can be everything; everyone can be everything :)

What is next for the two of you. What are other projects from the past that we should seek out?

Us cooks have a lot of stuff cookin’ up right now that we are so excited to share! Not only are we actors, but we also are filmmakers and writers, and have our own production company called The Hinklers! Most of our projects explore the intricacies of life’s moments and relationships whilst expressing unification and individuality. But in addition to that we’re crossing our fingers for Good Burger 3!

As for past work, our most favorite project we’ve ever worked on was The Good Doctor, where we played conjoined twins who needed a separation surgery. It was incredibly emotional, loving, and heartbreaking, and we just infused ourselves so much into the characters. It’s a wonderful way to see our relationship. We can’t actually watch it anymore because it’s too difficult for us. Thanks so much for the incredibly thoughtful questions and for having us! 

Good Burger 2 is now streaming on Paramount+

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