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The Cryers

Photography & Words: Owen James Vincent

They can sing, they can dance and they can put on a great show! The Cryers are the next big thing too look out for! Singing and dancing since they were very young, now working with top producers and starring in big music videos with Dani Harmer!

We got to do a photoshoot and chat with Izzy and Alex about their music, which artists they would love to work with and their experience being featured in the Tracy Beaker music video for 'Someday'. 

Hello Izzy & Alex. Thanks for doing an interview with ReVamp Magazine. How has 2021 treated you so far?

Izzy: So far so good, we've been really lucky because all our music and song writing has been on Zoom with talented songwriters and producers, gaining different opportunities and expierences throughout the pandemic. Obviously like everyone else we've missed seeing our family and friends and doing live performances. 

You had a cameo in the Tracy Beaker music video for the song, "Someday". How was the experience for you?

Alex: Very, very exciting and we loved every minute. We grew up with Tracy Beaker so it was a real honour to be a part of the Beaker family. We've always loved the theme song, so it was a perfect song to dance to. Izzy got an additional feature on Blue Peter dancing but I wasn't able to because I'm under 16.

You both have started out on Tik Tok. How do you come up with your ideas and which video was your favourite to create?

I: We love Tik Tok and grown up with it. Especially throughout the pandemic it was something we started doing more and more when all the fun challenges started like 'Blinding Lights'. Alex got really good at editing and so we started trying different things and experimenting with fashion, music but mainly dance routines we could do together.

A: We take ideas from social trends but we also like to create as siblings stuff that's different and unique for other siblings. We love our classic fashion magazines like Vogue & Elle and high-end editorial looks, so we take inspiration from them and play with make up and just try it out. 

From posting images of you both in the studio on Instagram. When will we be hearing new music? Can you tell us a sneak peek about anything you're working on?

I: We have been working with an amazing producer from Yorkshire where we're also from. He's called Steve Chrisanthou and he wrote the hit song, 'Put Your Records On' by Corrine Bailey Rae and most recently 'Brought Back' by Ritt Momney who has a break through on the social influencing platforms. Steve has been writing with us a lot along with other writers and producers. We've done some amazing Zoom sessions with people in America and teams over at the Tileyard (Sigala, Ella Eyre and Joel Correy). We've been working on a few reimagined records and some fun sibling original songs. We are looking to release late this summer and bring back some positive pop that you can dance to and do a Tik Tok challenge to hopefully.

Which musicians would you love to collaborate with?

A: I'd love to write with Ed Sheeran, he would be the dream. He always writes a great song and just seems like a really chilled out guy you could have a laugh with and I think me and Izzy could harmonise well with him. I also like Bebe Rexa and Justin Bieber they would be really cool to collaborate with. As we're a sibling group, I think it would be great to also collaborate with another sibling group like The Jonas Brothers.

Izzy: I'd love to work with Lady Gaga, Adele or even team up with Joel Corey.

From your images on social media you both are very similar. Are there any differences between you both?

A: Izzy is more of a girlie girl. I think she's the good girl but she has a naughty side. She loves her pretty dresses and classic romantic movies and the odd sci-fi. 

I: Alex is more of a tom boy who is edgy and cool. She's very brainy and top of the class! She's got strong morals and breeds female empowerment but a bit of a sensitive softie at heart and she's always on point with the latest trends. 

Lastly, have you got any upcoming projects coming up that you want to tell your readers?

A: So, we can't say too much but this summer we've partnered up with some exciting brands, a feature and exciting releases. Keep watching and try to keep up with The Cryers.

You can keep an eye on The Cryers by following their Instagram here.

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