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The Taylor Twins

Words: Amy Bell

In 2020, Ollie and Eddie, were part of a band called ‘Butterfly’. When the band disbanded, the twins decided to do a relaunch and come out with ‘The Taylor Twins.’

The boys grew up in North London and Ollie is a vocalist and guitarist whereas Eddie is also a vocalist but also a bass guitarist. Their rehearsal space was a tin roofed shed, where they began to pursue their music. 

Since the rebrand, they have just released a debut single named ‘Lost All The Summer.’ With their blended vocals and harmonies, the guitar sounds, it has the perfect beat for the boys lyrics. Their inspirations are the likes of; kings of leon, the white stripes and the strokes, naming just a few. The song is a 60’s grunge, rock and pop genre.

Hi, The Taylor Twins, thanks for talking to ReVamp, in terms of music, how have you tried to make lockdown more productive? 

Hello... well first off we decided to make our own place to record and rehearse, so we converted the garage which wasn't being used anyway, and after a lot of hard work and help from friends with materials etc we ended up with a not-bad-at-all studio, which is where we now spend much of our time.With no gigs in the calender obviously we just had songwriting and recording to concentrate on, so you could say Lockdown accelerated the whole creative side of things.... I think for many artists it has been a very fertile period, but obviously we all want to get out there and play!

You have your new single ‘Lost All The Summer’, that has just been released, what was the recording and writing process like? What did you enjoy most out of the two? 

The whole process is one continuous thing... the song comes to life in a variety of ways, we just know when it feels like a seed that deserves watering... we do throw a lot away too! Having the studio means that we go forward at the same time with the writing and the whole way it sounds, which is what people call “production”. We try to be our own audience, our own critics, so if we’re still into it a few days in then we know we’re on to something. Creating anything from scratch is really intense... the more carefree enjoyable part comes in when you are playing it and recording it, and you look at one another and feel like the song has its own life.

You say that "‘Lost All The Summer’ is an expression of frustration about missing out on things in the past, and knowing better this time, making the most of everything life has to offer from now on. It’s about growing into yourself.”, is this from a personal take from your life? 

Yes it is our experience, and was written before the Pandemic hit, but of course it rings true for what happened to the whole world in the last year... it fits, if you like, but we were always going to release it as the first single anyway.

You did a relaunch of the ‘The Taylor Twins’. As band members left during lockdown, how did the rebrand help you personally and professionally? 

The band as it was was always based on our writing to be honest, and our two good friends Aaron and Jordan had a good think during that last very weird year or more, and decided to do other things. We have long been playing all the instruments on our recordings so the one thing we all 4 shared... the thrill of playing live... was taken away, so we totally understand their decision.2020 was just a “reset” for so many people, and so it felt so natural for us to just give ourselves the name we were already called by everyone we know ... The Taylor Twins... that’s the didn’t hurt The Everly Brothers or Crosby Stills, Nash and Young etc.The only way we can say it definitely has helped us so far is that it seems to be going down well... but we hope that’s down to the songs!

Do you think that the ‘The Taylor Twins’, has a different sound, or have you taken some inspiration from the past band?

Whatever we wrote or put out from the start was always just the two of us, so yes, it’s definitely developed in the time we’ve been artists, but “the band” and “us” were never separate things. We think we’re getting better as time goes on with getting the sound we hear in our heads on tape...but as time goes on who knows how that sound will change?

When did you begin to realise you had a passion for music, and realise that you had a talent? 

3rd June 2007 only joking.. well, when we were around 8 or 9 we started to pick up or hit the instruments our Dad had lying around the studio. He is a musician and we witnessed his musician friends coming here to rehearse or just hang out, and it kind of showed us that we could entertain that as a possibility for ourselves... As we started playing we knew what standard we had to reach... there was bags of encouragement, but no false praise. We also learnt the less glamorous realities of that life, so we feel like we’ve got a pretty good understanding ... there are no rose tinted spectacles here.

What message do you want to get across in the song ‘Lost All The Summer’?

Well, the basic message is to enjoy listening to it... it’s that simple. If we were all about a message we’d maybe try our hands at poetry, writing plays etc... Take whatever you want from what we do... some people listen only to lyrics, some never pay any attention to lyrics, and when you’re making pop music you somehow have to appeal that range of people... we care so much about the sound, and the whole vibe that that is for us the core of how we get into people’s hearts.

Lastly, what are your plans as a duo? 

Tomorrow we’re fixing the door on the garage / studio... it keeps falling off. Apart from that we’re looking at which songs get to go on the first album, and are of course always writing new ones anyway. Our hopes are actually things we would like to become “plans”, like to be playing all the festivals in 2022, connecting with all the people out there who we think would be into the band...becoming a part of the culture we’re growing up in. All we can plan is working hard and having huge fun doing it...

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