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Tatiana Ashborn

3rd December 2023

Interview, Photography & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Talking about sex is a topic that people in this day in age have recently felt comfortable chatting about, since shows like Sex Education, Bridgerton, and Naked Attraction appeared on our screens. Tatiana Ashborn is someone who loves to talk about sex with people and ask them dirty questions. Ashborn launched a podcast a couple of years ago and since then millions of people have tuned in to hear what Ashborn talks about.

We chat to Ashborn about her podcast 'dirty talk', dream guests she would love to interview, and why she thinks talking about sex is an important topic.

Hello Tatiana! Thank you for having a chat with us today. How are you?

Hello, I’m very well thank you but even better to be chatting to you. Absolutely buzzing. Thanks for having me.

You’ve got a podcast called ‘dirty talk’ which is all about you and your guests talking about different topics about sex. What made you start this?

I started ‘dirty talk’ after my fumbled attempt at a ‘first-time’. Growing up in an open family being able to talk about sex, I really thought I was prepared for whatever was thrown at me but boy was I wrong. I had always assumed my first time would take place in a certain way and it didn’t. I felt like I needed to help other people who were thinking the same way as me because it was so isolating at the time when many others were not speaking about their own experiences. I wasn’t quite sure on sex and I couldn’t understand why everyone else was. I wanted to raise awareness for how sex actually could be fun even with the trials and tribulations of it. I began to ask questions that other people were secretly dying to know but too afraid to ask because although people may not love talking about it, they definitely love hearing about it & I’m lucky to love both!!

Recently I feel like people are getting more comfortable about their sexuality and talking about sex. We’ve had shows like Sex Education and Naked Attraction that has helped us with that. Have you seen a lot of change over the last few years?

Yes, for sure. I've been seeing it first hand through my podcast. In just two years I for one have learnt more than I did in my previous 18 years! People seem to be more open to discussing the nitty gritty and as a result are learning more about themselves and others around sexuality, sexual health and consent. There’s definitely more education needed without a doubt; sex needs to move from the taboo list to the ‘to do’ list! 

If you had a dream guest to join you on an episode who would it be and why?

My dream guest would 100% have to be Miriam Margoyles. She is an absolute icon to the nation and her humour beats all when it comes to sex and relationships. Miriam is very open and out-there with a lot of opinions and I bet she’s gone through a fight to be so. I must say; this show is meant for her.

You’ve had nearly over 100 million views on your videos from TikTok. How does this make you feel? Did you know that it was going to be this big!

That’s what she said!! ;)

Oh but it feels amazing! I never expected it to happen so quickly and I am extremely pleased with the engagement from the audience. I just hope it continues and that more people are getting educated and feel less alone with what they have been through by watching or listening to my show. I thank the crew that have helped me on this project because it has been a mega & a surreal experience that I would never have been able to do without them. We will be continuing on this journey because there is so much more to do and I am so excited for the future, not just for me but for everyone who listens.

Lastly, if you had the opportunity to ReVamp anything in the world. What would it be?

What a question. Put the Kama Sutra into light reading?

But in all seriousness, we definitely need to be revamping the sex education system within schools making it more of an open, safe space for young individuals to express feelings towards it and gain a better understanding that sex can be anything you want it to be and it is not such a scary thing contrary to popular belief.

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