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Taryn Charles

Interview & Photography: Owen James Vincent

Make Up: Rosie Woodman

Taryn Charles is a singer who performs on stage in 'History of Soul'. We got to chat to the Taryn about her talent, her inspirations and she gives us advice for upcoming singers who want to perform on stage.

Hi Taryn. Thanks for talking to ReVamp! What inspired you to become a singer?

My Grandad! When everyone was allowed to go round to Nanny and Grandad's play. I use to walk through the door, he would sit me down and we would have to watch these jazz videos and I had to learn about the musical notes. It carried on because I still listen to jazz and records and a lot of my singing I pick up traits from these great singers. So yeah, my Grandad was my go to for music! 

Are there any singers that you look up to?

Yes! Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. I emulate Aretha Franklin a lot on stage because I'm in a Soul show and she's the Soul queen of music. I've also sang back in vocals for my favourites like Candi Staton and Kim Weston. 

If you weren’t a singer. What else do you think you’ll be doing? 

I probably be teaching as I am now but I would probably do it more full time. So I teach autistic children and I find it better than main stream. I would also like to work with animals!

You’re the female lead in the show ‘History of Soul’. What’s your favourite song to perform? 

Natural Woman! It's part of the show where I add a comedy element as I like to take my shoes off and it's reminiscent of Sandy Shaw and it's also something Aretha Franklin done where she would go to her piano and take her shoes off. So whenever I come back on stage to sing Natural Woman, the shoes are off! 

Have you ever thought about releasing music?

I'm a stage singer! They are two very different things, I find when I go in to a studio I'm not happy with the result because when I sing on stage you've got free run and you can do anything like if you hit a key wrong, you can make it in to something else. For me I'm a strictly a live singer! If I had to record it would have to be a pretty special project. 

What advice would you give to upcoming singers that want to perform on stage to crowds of people?

Don't give up! Because honestly the amount of times I've been knocked down and been told I'm not good enough. There was a time I auditioned for Whitney in the Whitney Musical and I was told I was too fat. It was ok because things happen for a reason! If you get knocked down, stand up and do it again! Just keep going! Network! 

Lastly, have you got any excited projects that you can tell your readers? 

There is a TV show coming up which I'm excited for you all to see! 

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