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Super Disco Club

Words: Amy Bell

As one-half of Madison Avenue, Andy Van has made a career-spanning impact on dance music, mixing huge mainstream success while maintaining his underground credibility. After having the huge success of 'Don't Call Me Baby' which was number one in the UK and Billboard Dance chart. He's back and channels his love of timeless disco with some modernist house influences with his new project, 'Super Disco Club' with his wife, the singer-songwriter Cassie Van.

We had a chat with Super Disco Club about their new debut track 'We Are One', their inspirations on growing up and what the future holds for the iconic duo. 

Thanks for talking to ‘ReVamp Magazine’ today, how has lockdown been for you?

Things were a little tough I gotta say, Melbourne had one of the world’s longest lockdowns in 2020, but we used the time to work on new Super Disco Club demos and bootlegs. We live close to parks and the beach, so we were able to do short visits to keep sane.

You say that this project has been 2 years in the making, how come it took that long for you to get this track going? 

We had been working most of 2019 getting a bunch of Super Disco Club tracks ready, as we really want to have a good amount of tracks to choose from when releasing singles. We had 'We Are One' planned for March 2020, then of course COVID hit, and as we are a dance artist that relies heavily on DJs & dancefloor support we had to wait till now. We are now so happy to have it released and in the hands of a lot of the world’s top DJs.

Who were your inspirations when you were growing up? 

There were many - musically there were so many great dance & pop artists, everyone from Michael Jackson to Boney M, Earth Wind & Fire, Kool and The Gang and David Bowie.

When did you realise you had a talent for music, and what made you want to pursue this talent?  

For me it was when I was at University I jumped in the deep end and started DJing those events, and loved it. From there it progressed to producing dance tracks and started developing artist brands, including Madison Avenue.

As one-half of Madison Avenue, who delivered one of the biggest hits of the era with ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ (#1 in the UK and on the Billboard Dance chart) before topping the charts in Australia with the follow-up ‘Who The Hell Are You’, how did that make you feel knowing your music was being heard across the globe? 

It was an amazing time. I had worked many years on various tracks and remixes and then to have the debut single for my new artist Madison Avenue rise to such heights was just unbelievable. I knew it would do well as everyone that heard it in those early stages just loved it, but I never imagined it would be such a massive hit selling millions of copies and being heard all over the world.

How excited and how do you prepare for a new project?  

Super excited! We’ve wanted to do a disco house project for many years and as I mentioned above we’ve been working on so many demos and bootlegs. We then worked out what style and imagery we wanted to go with, which was pretty easy as we both love the disco aesthetic so much.

How do you want your new project to be perceived by people listening to the tracks? 

We hope that people love the music & feel positive & upbeat from it. A lot of the music from the late 70s & early 80s was so great and inspiring, so we really wanna translate that positive vibe.

What was the recording/writing process like?

It was great! We trawl through lots of disco tracks and look for catchy synth  or vocal hooks to either sample or get inspired by. I then build them into a track, and Cassie writes a lot of toplines over the top. 

Did you gain new inspiration during lockdown, and if so, what was it? 

Yeah definitely. Melbourne had a super long lockdown so we spent a lot of that time going over old vinyl and disco tracks.

What is next for you in the future? 

Our next single is coming out in July which is called Happiness. It’s a collaboration with an iconic 80s artist and will include two different mixes and a music video from us. And of course lots more disco sounds from us after that.

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