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Stevi Ritchie

Monday 5th April 2021

Photographed by Owen James Vincent

Words by Amy Bell

Stevi Ritchie is known to be on the X Factor where he got to the top six finalists. After the X Factor he competed in Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother and got to the final four. Since then, Stevi has been on stage playing numerous of fun and loveable characters. We sat down with Stevi to talk about the acting world and what he hopes to get from it.

What made you want to transition into the acting world?

I've known I've always wanted to be an actor from the age of 18. I went to drama school and from then I got on to pantomimes and stage tours.

Who has been your favourite person to act?

Buttons in Cinderella played him three times in professional pantos and also being on tour singing for Les Miserables.

Did you think that you would be getting into acting when you were younger?

At 15 I played Kenickie from Grease in my school play and I got to sing "Grease Lightning". After the show everyone said I should of played the main role, Danny Zuko and so since then I knew I wanted to do acting for the rest of my life.

How do you think your singing career helped you with your acting?
It helped me so much. The two go together because in a musical theatre you have to act through a song.

If you could choose any movie to act in, which movie would it be?
It definitely have to be The Shawshank Redemption as its my favourite movie of all time or Bohemian Rhapsody because I'm a big Queen Fan.

How do you think the singing and acting industry has changed?

It has come on leaps and bounds. There are so many talented people out there now. The competition is bigger than ever and you have to be a triple threat or at least be talented in one of them or both but stand out.

If you choose anyone to act out your life, what actor would you choose ?

It have to be Hugh Jackman he is the Greatest Showman. 

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