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Steven Malcolm

22nd July 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Steven Malcolm is a dynamic storyteller that incorporates a broad range of creative influences into his music. He doubles down on his talents with his most reflective album to date, Tree. All 16-tracks explore Malcolm’s spiritual depth and versatility as a hip-hop artist. Each song reverberates like Sunday-morning spirituals filled with Saturday-evening energy. His powerful messages are reinforced with potent production by Grammy-winning heavyweights BoogzDaBeast (Kanye West), Social House (MGK), and FNZ (A$AP Rocky). Tree lands at a time when society could use a bit of growth and healing. “This being my third studio album focused on the growth and fruit that came from a foundation rooted in truth,” Malcolm says.

Steven Malcolm makes faith-driven hip-hop that's as unique as his multi-cultural background. It's a sound rooted in rap's rhythmic delivery, pop's modern melodies, and God's word, glued together by an artist whose music has earned five Dove Award nominations and more than 70 million streams.

Hi Steven, what has your musical journey been like so far?

My musical journey has been a blessing to say the least. I was the person who never thought about paying bills from a music career growing up so when I get a chance to look from the outside in, it’s nothing short of a blessed journey. A lot of learning experiences and nothing I can take for granted. Music has truly taken me places I’ve only dreamed of.  

Growing up, who inspired you the most?

Growing up my number 1 inspiration of Michael Jordan. I was a hooper growing up and so MJ was IT! Funny story about that, my uncle Jonny use to make use sit and watch “the game” with him as a punishment when we were kids. We use to absolutely hate it, come to find out we were watching MJ in real time. Lol Later down the road I’m watching everything there is on the guy. 

Your new single ‘Summer Time’ is out now featuring Snoop Dog, how did you get in contact with Snoop Dog, as this is a legendary collaboration? 

His people hit my people and told us, “give us 24 hours! Snoop loves the record.” And that’s exactly what happen. He was feeling the vibe of the summertime record and wanted to be a part of it. Great music makes moments like that. 

What was it like working with Snoop Dog and Jay Way?

Working with uncle Snoop was legendary. Just about as legendary as it sounds. Bro was laid back, chill, and made the video shoot that much more fun. My Brody JayWay is always a dope vibe. You know we label mates so the chemistry is always there with that play. 

What is the background of this single and how is it different from the other singles you have released?

The core to this record is the feel good vibes of the west coast. That California sunshine, and palm trees type of vibe with waves splashing and all types of people from all types of different background enjoying the blessings of life under the sun. This record really makes me sit and bask in the blessings God has placed in my life. 

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