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Sophie Bille Brahe Jewellery

6th February 2024

Storytelling through luxury with a modern twist: ReVamp takes a closer look at Sophie Bille
Brahe’s latest collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Sparking from a drawing jewellery designer Sophie Bille Brahe received from her daughter, this collection explores her take on the founding myth of Uranus and Gaia. Titled ‘The Great Embrace’, the collection signifies the process of creating an extension of oneself. This new line
is a beautiful depiction of mother-child synergy and Bille Brahe has created pieces that can effortlessly become generational and last lifetimes.

After graduating from The Royal College of Arts, Sophie Bille Brahe made a name for herself within the industry, being a jewellery brand on the tip of everyone's tongue. She became know for her beautiful use of pearls, stunning diamond centerpieces and her creativity in storytelling through a product. “The Danish fine jewellery designer becomes one with her designs and imagines her favourite styles as a gentle embrace”, mirroring the image stirred in her head of a Mother and Child's embrace. Each piece of jewellery is made to sit gently on the skin, nestling in the curves of the body and carries ‘the warmth of being one together’.

The focal point of the collection is The Collier de Venus. The necklace sits on the curve of the neckline and showcases a dangling diamond of 1.0 carats. The Gaia rings are eye catching as stand alone pieces but also perfect for stacking and layering for a wow-moment effect. The
impressive Gaia Royale is made of “a swirl of diamonds with a total of 3.07 carats in the middle of which sits a center stone of 1.0 carats”. The collection continues with her iconic use of fresh water pearls as well as diamonds, feeding them into the “The Embrassée de Perle and
Embrassée single earrings”.

Bille Brahe continues her Lettre de Lumière collection with the Collier de Tennis S and the Missy de S. These pieces are a natural continuation of the line, inspiring people to wear the letter of a loved one. The letters imitate handwriting, with an intimate, feminine feel, but Bille Brahe has introduced a more unisex style with the Missy de S, finding the 1.33ct letter held by a 18K yellow gold ball chain. These collections effortlessly embody the designers strive to “twist modern luxury”.

Sophie Bille Brahe is a brand to watch, with progression of the brand already having begun through exploration of homeware such as vases, following the iconic themes of the jewellery lines with a nod to her use of pearls and gentle fluidity.

‘The Great Embrace’ will be available for purchase from 14th May

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