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Sophia Woodward

20th December 2022

Photographer: Ben Cope

MUA: Jenna Nicole Official

Hair: Sydney Rose

Stylist: Ashley Pruitt

Interview: Christopher Richmond

Sophia Woodward is a true triple threat - she acts, she sings, and she thrashes on the guitar. We had the pleasure of talking to her about her current role as Luna in the live action series The Really Loud House, her tumultuous upbringing in multiple US states, and her acting inspirations and goals.

You lived in a number of cities and states across the US as a child. What was this like? When did you realise you wanted to be a performer?

I feel like moving around a lot as a child heavily prepared me for not only my future but my career in the industry. Change for me became second nature and when I do need to move for job opportunities or things are changing rapidly just due to life, I feel very equipped for it. I realized I wanted to be in the industry when I was nine & I auditioned for a local production of “The Little Mermaid.” I stepped on the stage, started singing, and decided I never wanted to do anything else. 

Your big break came when you were discovered aboard a cruise ship in Mexico and you signed to your first LA-based label. What was this like? How did you feel when this happened? How did your family take it? 

My whole family went on a talent cruise that my little sister & I both competed in. It was so fun, I had worked for hours every day for months leading up to the cruise so that I had all of my competition materials completely solidified. It was such an exciting time. My parents were always so supportive of my dreams & they raised me in a way to be very ambitious and independent. I’m very thankful that when it came to the industry, I was always in charge of what needed to be done, even from a very young age. I really lucked out because they’re not stage parents at all, but they’re so supportive and proud of me. 

Your currently starring as Luna in The Really Loud House for Nickelodeon and Paramount+. Can you tell us about your character? What is she like? What was it that appealed to you about the role? 

Luna is a determined, talented, & bold young woman. She’s a musician, a bonafide rocker, & a loyal sister to her siblings. I’m so honored to play a character who knows so strongly who she is & is so full of compassion. Plus, the musicality aspect of the character is SO FUN. 

You originated the role in the live-action movie A Loud House Christmas. How did you feel when you got the call about returning to the character for a follow-up series? 

I mean it was a complete dream come true. We all had such a blast with the movie & this team of people we’ve been blessed with (for both projects) has been such a joy. I was so excited to be reunited with my Loud family. 

You’ve mentioned Ben Platt, Sarah Paulson and Jenna Ortega as being particular inspirations for you. What is it about these performers that appeals to you? 

I love Ben Platt’s ability to jump between acting mediums. Whether he’s on-screen or on stage, he’s killing the game. I highly admire Sarah Paulson’s longevity in her career. I really look up to her range of characters/projects that she has both the opportunity & talent to be a part of and with Jenna Ortega, I really respect the sheer amount that she’s accomplished at her age. 

You’ve been described as a triple-threat due to your ability to sing and play instruments as well as act, and indeed your role in The Really Loud House requires you to utilise all of your skills. Is this important to you when selecting a role? What are the challenges of having to use such different skillsets for one job? 

Musicality in a role isn't necessarily a make-or-break for me. If a character does not require instruments or singing, I don’t mind. I consider myself an actor first. However, I do love music & it’s definitely a perk that I get to exercise that aspect of myself in this project. Luna has a whole other level of character study due to it & so that adds a type of complexity to my job of portraying her, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s definitely hard when I have to learn an entire piece of music in (sometimes) very short amounts of time, but it’s nothing I can’t handle and I take hours out of the week to practice guitar. 

What are your aspirations for the future? What are your career goals and which sort of roles would you like to take? 

I honestly find so much value in general representation of the human experience that I’m not super picky when it comes to roles. However, I specifically think I crave diversity in roles/ projects that display varying forms of women in their rawest forms. I love playing bold characters. 

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