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Soph Galustian

11th July 2023

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Soph Galustian is a born-and-bred Mancunian writer and actress of Armenian heritage, who specialises in comedy writing and spoken-word poetry. This is her first book. She is the writer and star of BBC Three comedy threesome Peck ‘Eds. A comedy about the testing moments of growing up as a young, working- class woman in South Manchester. Soph is currently starring in Channel 4’s Everyone Else Burns, a coming-of-age comedy about a Mancunian family and the puritanical Christian sect they are devoted to. 

No Worries If Not is about Soph Galustian’s experiences of poverty, queerness, mental health, grief and community. She recounts her life from childhood, to teens, into adulthood through a mixture of short stories, spoken word, illustrations, and space for the reader to reflect.

This book is for anyone who was raised struggling, anyone who wrestled with coming out, who accidentally killed their childhood pet, who has lost the person closest to them...

Hi Soph! Congratulations on your first book ‘No Worries If Not’. What made you create this?

Thank you so much! Well, if I’m totally honest I never had any intentions on writing a book. Mainly because I’d convinced myself that someone like me couldn’t never achieve anything as cool as writing their own book. I thought you had to be rich or clever (spoiler, I’m none of those things). I started sharing my poetry & comedy online and grew a following that enjoyed my work and said it resonated with them / helped them in some way which was unbelievable to hear - this is what essentially led me to writing a book and sharing my story. 

What would you say was the hardest part of writing this?

Ooo where do I begin? Writing my book presented a lot of obstacles but overall the toughest part was writing about my own experiences of grief. I had to recall a very traumatic time in my life which brought up a lot for me. 

What’s your coming out story like?

My coming our story is probably my favourite thing ever tbh? I was 16 and so obviously very gay. I decided I was going to tell my mum first so I simply sent her a text which I’ve attached below for your reading pleasure. Her response blew my mind! How she knew what I was going to say was crazy. Fast forward 10 years and I have the most supportive family, couldn’t wish for anything more. 

The text message above shows her text from her Mum.

Lastly, what’s the next thing you’ve got coming up? Any spoilers?

So I’ve got my first one woman show in Manchester this October! I’m also currently developing my own comedy show with a major broadcaster and much much more! Follow me on Instagram for tickets to my shows / to see what I’m up to next.

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