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Sola Fae

10th August 2023

Interview: Amy Bell

Sola Fae has bought out a new single 'Cappuccino'. Fae is a singer/songwriter from London. As well as writing and producing music, she also produces music videos and short art films. 

Hi Sola, thanks so much for speaking with ReVamp, who was your inspiration when it came to music?

Thank you for having me! My inspiration to pursue music started with Katy Perry. When I was 16 my mum took me to my first concert at the O2 to see her on tour. Her entire show was themed around the universe, and planets, bringing a fantasy magical world to life through the stage, sets, dancing, songs, lights, etc. That was the moment I knew I wanted to do just that and bring magic to life for people, through my own music and artistic visuals.

What drew you to music, and growing up, what songs did you use to listen to, and how has this inspired your music today?

My Dad used to be a music producer, growing up I was always around the recording studio. He introduced me to a lot of 80s prog rock bands such as 'Yes'. My Mum loved playing soulful jazz music, so I was always dancing with her to artists such as 'Melody Gardot' and 'Aretha Franklin. I think on my own I discovered artists such as Gwen Stefani, Pink, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Shania Twain etc. I fell so in love with pop music and these influences have shaped me into the artist and producer I am today with my songs.

You have a new single ‘Cappuccino’ out, what made you want to write and record this song?

I wrote 'Cappuccino' back in December last year. It was a rainy cold morning in the UK, I was sitting by the window in my bedroom studio, feeling very desperate at that moment to leave the UK and move to a hotter climate! When I write and produce my songs, there is never an expectation of what I am going to create, I just flow within the moment, grasping onto sparks of instant inspiration. For 'Cappuccino' I started producing the groove with the bassline and beat... then the lyrics just flowed and I recorded the entire song that morning in my pyjamas. Naturally, the song just became a free-spirited high-energy track that reflected feelings of summer fun, travel, and adventures. It became a song that described places I want to visit one day and summer moments I would love to experience.

When it comes to songwriting and recording, which is your favourite thing to do and why? What is the process?

My favourite part of music creation is producing, I love the process of composing all instrumental arrangements, sounds, effects, and elements. For me, it was important to learn and know these skills, so I could get any musical ideas out of my head and into the physical within the moment, without relying on another producer to do it for me. Once I have a musical idea or groove made within a project, often the melodies, lyrics, and the recording of vocals come after. Knowing how to produce has also helped me when collaborating with other artists and producers, I have more confidence in my ability to voice ideas with other creatives when in studio sessions.

What is the message behind ‘Cappuccino’, I love the song, and do you drink cappuccino?

I love an oat milk cappuccino, it's my favourite coffee! ‘Cappuccino’ is about not taking life too seriously, embracing one's wild and free spirit, taking risks, making memories and feeling the energy of abundance and limitless opportunity within the choices one makes on their life journey.

How do you know once the song has been perfected and that you’re ready for release? What is the release process?

Honestly I don't think a song reaches a perfected state, otherwise as a producer, we would never stop working on a song, always finding another thing to tweak. The key to the process is learning when to stop. When I get to that stage within a song, where I feel like I am almost overproducing and overthinking the production... I tend to step away from it for some time and leave it alone. I then come back to it with fresh ears, I get other producers' input and perspectives on my work for feedback, often I find myself taking away elements in the production and cleaning it up. After this process, that's often when I feel a track is ready to get mixed, mastered, and prepared for release. I then focus on creating either a music video, short film, or artistic visuals to accompany the song and its message. 

Once I feel I have a good amount of material and marketing to support the song I move forward with the release. For me, the release process involves a lot of pre-planning content, executing marketing strategies and performing live. I am always trying my best to get the music out there, maintaining momentum. I then like to detach from the music and allow it to flow and just be. If people like the songs and things come from them, it's a beautiful bonus. I think as independent upcoming artists, it's very important to surrender your work once it is out in the world. A mindset of letting go and redirecting your energy to creating new music and art. I try to not attach myself to my music, reminding myself that authentic success lies within the momentary process of creating and bringing an idea to life!

What has the response been to your new single?

It's been wonderful and so heartwarming. I have received so much love and support from not only friends, and family but newer fans and press who have discovered 'Sola Fae' through 'Cappuccino'. 

What is next for you? 

I have another single coming out very soon, continuing to release new music! I have some shows coming up as well which is exciting, and other artistic film projects are in the works.

'Cappuccino' is now streaming on all platforms.

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