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Sofia Oxenham

25th January 2023

Digital Editor and Interview: Pankhuri Bhutani 

Photographer: Joseph Sinclair 

Editor in Chief: Owen James Vincent

Cover Logo: Emily Curtis

About to be seen in Disney+’s highly anticipated original series “Extraordinary”- a show revolving around a world of superheroes where everyone garners a unique superhero ability the moment they reach the age of 18, Sofia Oxenham is set to appear in the show portraying Carrie, an immensely quirky soul that also has the ability to be possessed by the dead. 

Oxenham’s character deals with the rare ability to communicate with the spirits from beyond the world of living that often leads to her being involved in some (many) unexpected yet absolutely hilarious scenarios. 

Sofia Oxenham surely does not fail to showcase her impeccable acting range within the project. A perfect blend of comedy, satire and impactful messages conveyed throughout the episodes, ‘Extraordinary’ prominently deals with four of the most peculiar characters- Jen, Carrie, Kash and Jizzlord. (Played by Máiréad Tyers, Sofia Oxenham, Bilal Hasna and Luke Rollason respectively)

We recently had a conversation with our latest cover star- the wonderful Sofia Oxenham in order to learn more about her process behind all things “Extraordinary”. 

Hi there Sofia. Thank you for joining us on ReVamp! How has the start of 2023 been going for you so far?

Hi ReVamp! Thanks for having me! So far 2023 has been busy and exciting. I am very lucky to have this exciting project during what can sometimes be a bit of a dreary month.

I obviously have to start this interview by mentioning your absolutely surreal performance in Disney+’s latest offering “Extraordinary”. First of all, huge congratulations on the series! What was it really that brought you closer to this project?

Thank you so much! When I read Emma’s (Moran) scripts I immediately fell in love with her writing. It just feels so fresh and really makes me laugh. So much so that I had to continually restrain myself at times from telling my friends about the plot lines!

I would love to know what your creative process was like behind this specific character? How was your experience like working with your fellow castmates- Máiréad Tyers, Bilal Hasna, Luke Rollason, Siobhán McSweeney and all the phenomenal individuals affiliated with this show?

We had such a close bond from the beginning it genuinely felt like going to work with your best mates! A lot of that connection and chemistry was built up in the rehearsal period pre shooting and it made the transition into filming much easier. 

A lot of the creative process in building the characters was done through rehearsals and improvisations and figuring out the world in which they lived and how they related to one another. We would be sent on tasks in character: for instance, one day we had to build a ceramic which was particular hard for Jizzlord as he was a cat so had no idea what to do!

You have been a part of so many distinct genres and types of projects throughout your phenomenal acting journey. How would you say was this show different from the other endeavors you have been involved in?

The first big difference was that I had never done a comedy before. And there were also some fantastic new technical challenges I encountered in order to create my superpower of channeling the dead. 

The process would start with a zoom call together with the actor playing the character …and then I would watch the way they moved and spoke and try to bring that into the room. Then in post production, they would match sync their voice with my performance. It meant I had a lot of time in the studio in ADR which was another new experience.

Carrie is an extremely loving character. I wonder what your first impression of her was when you were initially offered the script? If given an opportunity, is there anything you wish you could add to Carrie’s character?

I felt really drawn to her kindness and her love and compassion for people. I remember Emma said early on she felt Carrie was like a puppy…and I really saw that. She is someone who is always looking for the positive in every situation. As a friend I would like to tell her to have more confidence in herself but I also think that is part of what makes her her.. she is figuring out who she is and what her characteristics are.

Check out the trailer to 'Extraordinary'.

How is this anticipation period going on for you? Feeling nervous or excited? What sort of response do you wish to take away from the viewers when they finally watch the show?

I am feeling both nervous and excited! This feels like a bit of a sweet spot where we know its coming but have no idea about the response. Its been so special to be part of a project where everyone is so passionate about it and I hope it is as enjoyable to watch as it was to make. 

All I know is that whenever I have experienced a tricky time in my life, the genre of comedy has both helped and comforted me so I hope that it might do that for others. And as well as being funny, hopefully this show will make people realise you don’t have to be special or have a thing to be complete.

For the people who are yet to be introduced to this amazing show, what can you tell us about your character as well as the general plotline overall?

“Extraordinary” is set in a world where everyone develops a power on their 18th birthday… everyone, that is, except for Jen. She’s turning 25 and is still waiting to get hers. Jen feels unable to move forward, stuck in a dead-end job in a party shop. Jen has Carrie to stop her from wallowing in her own self-pity. Inseparable since school, their relationship cycles between sister, parent, and wingman. Together they share an East London flat with Carrie’s long-term boyfriend, Kash. 

Carrie has the power to channel the dead but feels she’s been overshadowed by her own party trick: doesn’t anyone care about what she has to say? Kash takes his power — the ability to turn back time — very seriously, but he’s not above using it to undo minor embarrassments, or moments when he says exactly the wrong thing to long-suffering Carrie. The fourth member of the flat is a stray cat, named Jizzlord by the gang, who’s harbouring a surprising secret: turns out even cats have more power than Jen.

What’s next for you, Sofia? Any upcoming projects you’d like to tell your fans about?

There’s something in the pipeline but nothing I can speak about just yet!

Lastly, is there any message that you wish to convey to your fans and supporters reading this interview currently?

Thank you so much for reading and please watch Extraordinary on Disney+ or Hulu on Jan 25. Its bingeable so grab your snack and duvet and settle in!

Original series ‘Extraordinary’ is streaming 25th January, exclusively on Disney+. 

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