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Sofi Vonn

10th November 2022

Words: Amelia Kang

Born and raised in New York City, the surging star, Sofi Vonn, has released yet another atmospheric single, named “That’s When I Knew”. 

Considering that Sofi was born to German parents and attended High School in Switzerland, as well as growing up in New York, she was given a diverse flavour for music that is so apparent in her style. However, she initially pursued a psychology route in university.

Ultimately, music found her once again in Berlin, where she studied sound engineering abroad, before eventually landing a full-time job with the record label BMG. Not to mention, Vonn’s DJing career took off and she became a sought-after individual in her expertise. Sofi took it upon herself to chase her dream further by enrolling at the Goldsmiths University of London to study music (despite previously earning a degree in psychology beforehand!). This widely-respected institution led her to produce the heartfelt and sincere track “Is it a Crime?”. 

Since then, this rising songwriter has accumulated over 100K streams on Spotify and has since released more singles, including “Older”, “Famous” and “Songs”, all of which will be featured on her upcoming sophomore EP. However, Sofi’s latest single, “That’s When I Knew” depicts the push and pull of an ephemeral connection with someone, and her bittersweet storytelling richly paints the picture of how universal these trials and sentiments truly are to us. Vonn stated she liked the idea of juxtaposing the anthemic, dance sound with the vulnerability of the story, and this is clearly represented through the stabbing synthesisers and the soft vocals to accompany it. It perfectly illustrates the ebb and flow of a budding relationship, especially of one that is unrequited or simply doesn’t work out in the end. Yet, Sofi has once again cultivated a beautiful sense of optimism through her sound, to transform this narrative into something nostalgic, like a soundtrack for the beauty of youth. 

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