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Marking her career with her debut EP ‘The Other Side of Waiting’ and the breakthrough hit ‘Higher Ground’, the sensational SKAAR recently released a new collection of tracks titled ‘Waiting’ on April 16th of this year!

Launched with its lead single ‘Say Something Now’, ‘Waiting’ finds SKAAR compiling a unique collection of new acoustic recordings. Her usual style is textured alt-pop that tells universal coming-of-age stories, capped by a voice that’s rich with poise, power and purpose. 

We recently had a wonderful conversation with the 22-year-old sensation regarding this exciting chapter in her life including discussions on her music journey, her message to her fans as well as what kind of plans she holds for 2021!

Hello there SKAAR, lovely to have you on ReVamp! How are you doing?

Hello ReVamp, tank you for having me!! I’m doing very well! I’m doing very well!

How would you describe your own music to be like?

Good question! I think it’s organic pop music with an indie twist, with loooots of emotions!
You will be releasing a novel collection of tracks titled ‘Waiting’ alongside your new single ‘Say Something Now’. What can you tell us about this exciting new project?

This is a project very close to my heart. It’s a collection of songs that I’ve written for the past years, where one of them actually dates back to when I was 15 sitting on the toilet in my parents basement on Christmas eve cause I was so heartbroken. It’s basically the story of me going from one thing to another - teenager to grown up, and all the relationships with friends, family and boyfriends that has come and gone. Kind of emotional to be honest!
What kind of reaction are you hoping to achieve from your listeners?

Hopefully a mix of tears and joy! I feel like it’s very melancholic but also with a hint of hope? I hope the listeners can sit back, relax and maybe for a second forget all the crazy shit happening in the world, and just breathe. ️

Where do you garner your major motivations from? If you could have the opportunity, who would you love to collaborate with on your music!

My biggest inspirations come from Coldplay and Banks. I’ve realised that my musical DNA is basically made up by listening to Coldplay, so that’s kind of my melodic backround. I would LOVE to work with both Coldplay and Banks!

What are the top three things in your bucket list regarding 2021?
I want to play at least one concert! And I want to go on a roadtrip, and I want to hang out with my friends and grill some hot dogs ahaha!

Do you currently possess any plans on your upcoming projects or music?

Yesss! I actually have it all figured out in my mind hehe.. Can’t wait to show you!!

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