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Sigi Ravet

1st December 2023

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Photography: Candice Rose

Sigi Ravet is known for playing roles in hit TV shows such as Call Your Mother, Girl Meets World, This Is Us and The Middle. Ravet is here to talk to us about her latest project on AppleTV+ 'Lessons in Chemistry' where she plays opposite Brie Larson.

Hello Sigi!  Congratulations on your new AppleTV+ show ‘Lessons in Chemistry’. What can you tell us about this show?

Thank you so much! Lessons in Chemistry is based on the hit book by Bonnie Garmus. It's about a 1950s chemist named Elizabeth Zott who has to fight to defend her position in a man's world. She accepts a job as a cooking host, and ultimately teaches a nation of women to believe in themselves. It's a beautiful portrayal of strength, perseverance, and a woman's self-worth. But the bottom line is, I can tell you it's worth watching!!

What was the audition process like?

The audition came in while I was traveling abroad over the summer. We were staying in an apartment and of course, on the day I had to self-tape the audition, all the battery-less fire alarms in the apartment started beeping.  I had a tight deadline to make so I literally timed my lines between the beeps for my husband to edit out. There may have been a marital spout (or 3). About a week later, within seconds of landing back in LA, my manager called to tell me I booked it. We were still on the tarmac.

The show looks absolutely gorgeous with the sets and costumes that are set in 1950s. What was it like being on set with all this going around you?

It was completely transformative. You basically arrived at the studio, said goodbye to 2022, and stepped into a whole new era. The makeup, hair, and wardrobe departments were pivotal in immersing us in the world. It's hard not to feel like a woman in the 1950s when you're rocking a pointy bra and a corset. The set design was perfected to the times. Nobody skipped a beat, down to our pantyhose! 

What don’t we know about you? What are some of your other talents?

I have triple citizenship and Swiss-German was my first language. I mostly forgot it, but have been relearning it with my mom over Zoom since the pandemic started. I have performed in storytelling shows all over LA, which started because I developed a reputation for giving speeches at friends' weddings. I officiate Bar and Bat Mitzvahs on the side. I guess you could say I love storytelling and public speaking! If speed reading counts, I also average about 1.7 books per week. 

Any dream roles you would love to play?

Although comedy is definitely my jam, I have always dreamt of playing the victim (who actually did it!) on Law and Order SVU. I am also often compared to Alison Brie and would be thrilled to follow her career trajectory.  

Lastly, if you had the opportunity to ReVamp anything in the world. What would it be and why?

I dread making customer support phone calls. In 2024, you'd think most issues could be solved by text, email, or voice memo. It takes forever to punch in the right numbers and I always find myself yelling at an AI bot, "REPRESENTATIVE! REPRESENTATIVE!" By the time I have someone on the line, I'm too emotionally drained to even explain my issue. But today I had a call with a lovely lady named Caitlin at my health insurance company. She helped me solve all my problems (well, the relevant ones at least). At the end I made a joke that next time during the prompts I wish I could just yell, "CAITLIN! CAITLIN!"  She totally agreed that it's a nightmare and that the entire call-in situation could be revamped. I'd love to have a concierge system where I could just text Caitlin or my rep immediately (between the hours of 9 and 5, of course!). To-do lists would be infinitely less overwhelming, and I guarantee there would be happier people in the world.

I think I would revamp the way we raise our kids! People always talk about how "back in the day" they used to raise kids as a village (and walk uphill both ways!) - and honestly, I would absolutely love that. As someone who lives far from most of my family, my husband and I don't take help for granted. I've created a wonderful community of friends here in LA, and several of us do kid trades (ie. you watch mine, I'll watch yours); but with an artist's life of auditions and schedule changes at a moment's notice, I wish we were all still raising our kids in this supposed village people spoke of. Let me know if there are any takers!

Lessons in Chemistry is now streaming on AppleTV+

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