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Shawna Hamic

14th November 2023

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

From starring in one of Netflix biggest shows 'Orange is the New Black'  to now preparing herself for her first lead role of the iconic Disney villain, Ursula.

We chat to Hamic about all things Disney, her reaction to getting the lead and what to expect when you see 'Unfortunate: The Untold Story of The Sea Witch'. 

Hello Shawna. Thank you for talking to ReVamp Magazine. Congratulations on your role as the iconic Ursula in ‘Unfortunate : The Untold Story of Ursula The Sea Witch’. How did it feel to hear that you got the role of this iconic Disney Villain?

Thanks so much for having me! It felt and continues to feel amazing! Ursula has always been my favorite villain and so to finally be playing her is a dream come true. 

We’ve had untold stories of Maleficent and Cruella which have become big hits! What are you most excited about with telling Ursula’s side of the story?

I love that in our version Ursula is the main character and that we finally get her backstory. We find out why she is the way she is. She’s always been an icon. What a joy to explore her further. 

With Pat Carroll voicing Ursula in the 1989 animation version and Melissa McCarthy portraying the live action Ursula. Have you taken any references from them? Or will you be making Ursula your own? 

Pat Carroll’s glorious version is DEEPLY embedded in my soul. So there are certainly hints of her version, an essence that I feel SHOULD be there, but it is certainly my own Ursula. 

In three words how can you describe the show?

Fun, fishy, fabulous. 

You’ve done many Broadway shows such as Les Miserables, 1776 and The Last Ship. How different is this show to the others you were in?

This is the first time I’m the lead character! Such an opportunity. I’ve dreamed of leading a show and getting the chance to use as many of my skills as possible. And what a joy to be able to do so here with this iconic character.

Out of all the Disney Villains which character would you love to see share their story? For me I would love to hear Jafar’s backstory on how he became The Royal Vizier of Agrabah.

Oooh that’s a good one. I’d love to have an exploration of Dr Facilier from The Princess and the Frog. Cause what a cool story that has to be.

If you had the opportunity to ReVamp anything in the world. What would it be and why?

It’s rather a serious topic, but I’d like to revamp inequality. The idea that someone is ‘lesser’ than you because of a difference in their race or religion or color is absurd. I’d like that to go away immediately. 

Lastly, have you got any messages you would like to say to your readers?

It’s such a pleasure to be here in the UK. Thanks for having me. I hope you all come out and see Unfortunate. Either here in London at Southwark Playhouse Elephant this winter or across the UK when we tour starting in February! I promise you’ll have an amazing time!

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