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Brent and Shane Kinsman

19th April 2021

Photographed by Owen James Vincent

Words by Amy Bell

You definitely would have seen these two on your TV screens playing Preston and Porter Scarvo from Desperate Housewives and Nigel and Kyle Baker in the Cheaper by the Dozen movies. Taking a 16 year hiatus, Shane and Brent Kinsman are all grown up and are ready to go back in front of the camera. We got to talk to the brothers about what they've been up to since we last saw them, memories of being in the most iconic movies and TV show and what the future holds for the Kinsman brothers. 

Hi Brent and Shane. Thank you for your virtual photoshoot and talking to ReVamp. Have you ever experienced a virtual photoshoot before? And what did you think?

B: Neither of us have experienced anything like this before. It was interesting having a photo shoot in our own backyard. I’m sure the next door neighbors got a good laugh!

S: This was definitely our first, and it was certainly a unique experience. I didn’t know how it would go, but it ended up being really fun and creative!

Hows Lockdown in LA treated you? What have you both been doing during this time?

B: The lockdowns for the past year have given me a great opportunity to spend quality time with my family. I’ve also spent more time outside than I normally would, which has been refreshing and much needed.

S: For me, I’ve made the most of my lockdown time by keeping active and picking up some new skills like guitar and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This past year has given me the time and space to develop some personal interests.

What have you both been up to since we last saw you on our screens?

B: We chose to take a break from acting so that we could play sports, go to school, develop friendships and experience a normal childhood in those crucial years.

S: We took a hiatus from our time on screen to focus on other things like our relationships and studies. We both recently graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and can’t wait to get back to the craft that we grew up loving!

You have been in some of the most popular movies & tv shows, what was it like growing up in front of the cameras?

B: I’ve always felt extremely thankful to have been a part of such successful projects like the Cheaper by the Dozen movies and Desperate Housewives. We were surrounded by a fantastic cast and crew throughout our entire careers too.

S: That’s always a funny question because we started so young that we didn’t know anything different for a long time. That said though, in hindsight I’ve realised how blessed my childhood career was and how formative it has been for who I am today.

Have you stayed in touch with any of the cast from 'Cheaper by the Dozen'?

B: Most of us follow each other on social media, and we’ve been able to connect and meet up with a few of them over the years. It’s been fun to catch up with what everybody has been up to since the movies.

S: Yes! We’ve kept in touch with a few of the cast members over the years via social media, and actually were able to rally most of them together for a Cheaper by the Dozen TikTok reunion last May. That was a very special and surreal project to be a part of.

You were really young when you joined 'Desperate Housewives'. Are there any memories you remember from being on the show?

B: I have one particular memory of Shane, Zane and I hanging out on the beach on the set of Jaws. It was not far from where we filmed Desperate, and we walked down there all the time to watch the tram ride go by in between shooting.

S: I remember filming on the Wisteria Lane street and in the Scavo house extremely vividly. Also, one thing I can never forget is the craft services breakfast burritos! Best part of the morning shoots for sure.

Would you say you were like your characters when you were younger?

B: Yes, exactly the same on and off camera. They had just as much trouble managing us off camera as they did on!

S: Back then there was no such thing as “characters”, it was just Shane and Brent behaving normally with the cameras rolling. All the energy you see on screen was totally natural!

Lastly, What are you currently working on?

B: Now that we have graduated from college, we are just now starting to go back on auditions. We are both very eager and excited to get back into the game.

S: We are currently working on two characters for an upcoming feature film that we have to keep under wraps, for now. Hopefully more will come out about that soon!

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