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"Shadow And Bone" Doesn't Get The Greenlight Yet Fans Continue to Fight as GrishaVerse's "Third Army" 

18th December 2023

Words & Digital Editor: Pankhuri Bhutani

Grishaverse Fans Mourn Cancellation of "Shadow And Bone"; Fights For A Renewal As "Third Army". 

It has become quite an evident trend for production houses these days to pick up popular pre-existing work of fiction in order to transform them into faithful adaptations. But rarely do these projects get to see the light at the end of its tunnel. 

There are several factors that the streaming services take into account prior to proceeding with its production. From the kind of audience the work caters to- to the estimated cost it might take one to bring the story to life; all of such insights are taken into consideration yet one of the most significant element of such a decision depends heavily on the pre-existing fanbase that particular work of fiction has already amassed. 
Besides that the services also focus upon the novel viewership gained from after the release of the initial season of the project.

Amidst the countless spectacular live-action projects one has witnessed based on authors works, even if there are some shows that fit into all of these criteria, there still exists some projects that have to bid farewell to their fanbase no matter how immense the response they garnered really is.

One such example of this misfortune is Netflix's "Shadow and Bone". Starring Jessie Mei Li, Archie Renaux, Freddy Carter, Ben Barnes, and more; Netflix released the first live-action installment of the immensely popular novels in 2021. 

"Shadow and Bone" which is based on the widely loved books from Leigh Bardugo and is brought to life by creator, writer, and executive producer Eric Heisserer is set in Ravka- a war-torn world divided between Grishas and Otkazatyas. 

The story revolves around cartographer Alina Starkov who to her own surprise showcases an extraordinary God-like power that is considered the key to destroying the terrifying Fold that breaks her country apart. 

But with the status of a saint to her name; there also comes an astonishingly long line of enemies. Especially the ones who have been waiting a long time for someone like her. 

There has been a common behaviour of streaming platforms cancelling shows in case the response wasn't as expected yet in terms of "Shadow and Bone", the streaming service issued a statement (as reported via Deadline) claiming that the show's renewal didn't receive the highly anticipated greenlight due to the after-strike effects of SAG-AFTRA's strike. 

The decision was made one week after the end of the SAG-AFTRA strikes as networks initiated their evaluations in terms of the impact of the months-long production shutdown. 

The first season of the show was reportedly said to have amassed viewership from more than 55 Million subscriber households in the first four weeks of its launch and 720+ Million minutes viewed by the subscribers in terms of the initial installment solely.

The second season of the show amassed quite a positive response from around the world as well- even having its own video game being launched very recently on the streaming platform. 

It is reported that the show had also charted on 'Number 1' of the "Top 10" shows on Netflix for 3 consecutive weeks; 2 weeks after the release of the second installment of the show. 

The show starring Jessie Mei Li, Archie Renaux, Ben Barnes, Freddy Carter, Amita Suman, Sujaya Dasgupta, Kit Young, Danielle Galligan, Calahan Skogman, Jack Wolfe, Patrick Gibson, Zoe Wanamaker, and Anna Leong-Brophy; had made its way into Netflix’s global 'Top 10' charting list in over 85 countries for over a month since the debut of its second season. 

The fantasy series also garnered the status of "Number 2" on the Nielsen charts, with an astounding record of over 1.14 billion minutes viewed by subscribers (which further also included the viewership of the first season's episodes). Not only that, in a recently published engagement report by Netflix to give clarity to its viewers as per the new SAG guidelines; "Shadow and Bone" was seen bagging up a spot as one of the most searched shows of this year cementing its name in the "Top 10 Googled TV Shows" list. 

"Shadow and Bone" fans have flooded the social media platforms of the streaming site; urging them to reconsider the renewal decision. Fans have reportedly reached out to other streaming services as well in hopes of convincing them to buy the rights to the show's script. 
It is said that the writers who worked on the previous two seasons had already crafted two spin-off scripts focusing on the plot for after the end of the second season. 

One of them had been derived from Bardugo's duology "Six of Crows"; a story that follows six skilled protagonists on an epic heist. Although the latter one hasn't been exclusively confirmed by the writers, the other script was reportedly rumoured to be still ongoing and in its initial stages based on Bardugo's prequel to "Shadow and Bone" revolving around its cold-hearted villain The Darkling titled "The Demon In The Woods". 

Popular YouTuber and Content Reviewer Alex Myers also recently published a video dedicated exclusively to the streaming service's cancellation policies. He also gave some of his own insights into why he thought these shows were not going further as he proceeded to review the first episode of one of the other cancelled projects "Lockwood & Co.". 

Fans from around the world have showcased their heartfelt desires and passion towards the fantasy project; some of them even claiming how the show helped them in real life. They resonated with the values expressed within the project as well as with the characters through their diverse heritage, personality, and sexualities.

There have been numerous petitions, watch parties, tweet-rallies, giveaways, art compilations, fan edits, and even fundraisers to launch a billboard showcasing the fans' demand for renewal for Netflix to see. 

In a recent Reddit post, the show's producer and showrunner Eric Heisserer mentioned his gratitude for the immense outpouring of love the cast and crew received from the fans of the fantasy series. 

He also shared a gist of what the future for the crows hold in terms of their spin-off; crafting an impeccable compilation of scenes of the cast from the first two seasons in addition to some never before seen clips that tried to portray the plot for this specific spin-off. 

You can check out the petition for the show's renewal here (180k+ signatures)-

Fundraiser for the Billboard Kickstarter Campaign-

One of the most memorable things about a fandom is the name bestowed upon them. While "Shadow and Bone" fans have been embodying different personas; some of them calling themselves 'The Crows', some 'The Summoners', reading the books, I genuinely believed the fandom needed an official name that amalgamated the diverse abilities of the fandom and unified their interests. 
And that's when the idea of "Third Army" struck by me. An army combined of both the lovers and fans of the original Trilogy as well as the iconic "Six of Crows" Duology, "Third Army" represents a union of all the fellow Grishaverse Stans. (Feel free to let me know if you approve of this name I created fellow-readers!). 

But that's not all it, folks. The GrishaVerse fans (or as I like to call them from now onwards "Third Army"), have also successfully unveiled the first look at the Billboard poster for the campaign submitted exclusively to ReVamp Magazine. The live-campaign for the billboard will be happening at locations in both London and Los Angeles. You can find out more information regarding the gathering and events below:- 

Shadow and Bone Billboard Event-

Los Angeles- Fountain Ave & Cahuenga Blvd (facing west) Los Angeles, CA, 90038 

London- Notting Hill Tube Station, 76 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3HP 

(Google Maps Link- )
Here's the first-ever exclusive look at the poster design given to ReVamp Magazine by the makers of the fundraiser campaign for the Billboard that will be launching live shortly:- 


The two seasons of "Shadow and Bone" are currently streaming on Netflix. 

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