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Sean C Kennedy

18th October 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

After leaving his homeland of Scotland for the epicentre of the music scene in Nashville, Tennessee, Sean C Kennedy has set his gaze towards his sonic signature of 2022. As an entirely independent artist, Sean C Kennedy has built a strong foundation to his career, achieving over 5 million streams at Apple Music. With that groundwork in place, Sean is now primed for visionary opportunities beginning with today’s release of his newest single, ‘Hurts To See You Go’. 

While he sounds like a natural, music wasn’t Sean’s first career path. He started as a promising footballer (soccer player) in the youth squad of Scottish Premiership team Hibernian. That perceived destiny was wrecked by a previously undiscovered defect in his knee which required a stem cell bone transplant. Devastated by the collapse of his sole dream, he sunk into deep depression. He found solace in singing along to songs that he grew up around, which resulted in his sister being astounded by his voice.

You grew up in Scotland, how did this empower your music and why did you decide to move to Nashville?

I definitely have my family’s energy that runs through me, keeps me grounded. Music was in my family, and after having multiple operations in short football career I discovered I had a voice. Joined a band “October Skye” as a front man in my hometown that helped me cut my teeth and shake the nerves at an early stage. 2013 a friend moved to Nashville with her mum and they recommended I come to Nashville as I had just started learning guitar and writing. I thought why not. I was working in construction at the time. Alot of Forrest Gump things happened which reminded me I was doing the right thing. Running on a feeling. 8 years later I’m here living in Nashville. Learning the trade and discover more about myself as an artist, a friend as an advocate for mental health through my own experiences.

Congrats on your new single ‘Hurts To See You Go’, where did the inspiration from this song come about?

It was from a personal perspective experience but I know some people went through it more than I did, so as an empath I wanted to take myself over the hill a little more. Emotional lyrics and sentiment mashed with a powerful upbeat track. I wrote this with my best friend Rob Ricotta. We can talk about anything so when it comes to writing songs we can go anywhere. I had an old melody from a song called “Dena Vu” which I still haven’t released. Always wanted to use the melody run. Thanksgiving dinner last year 2021 at Robs parents place I played the run on piano at a good tempo and Rob said what is that?! We got into the room end of January this year and the song was created. My buddy sold me a little 80s Yamaha keyboard for $100. That’s the little magic essence in it. Tipping my hat to the year I was born and the bands I loved. Timeless! 

What is your recording and writing process like? What do you prefer out of the two?

I love melody. It’s infectious. It’s frequency and the language that keeps us connected together. Lyrics mostly come second but when a line locks in early I run with that first. Finding a good tempo is always key. How will it sound live. A good translation helps it survive more too. Leaning into production over last few years has been exciting and addictive. I’m learning a lot.

What is the favourite lyric from ‘Hurts To See You Go’? 

The hook line is so nostalgic but abrupt. It should be sad and in some way negative but it’s actually saying I’m okay, I’m recognising the love I bring and have to give to someone.

You have a new podcast coming put ‘Let Life Love You’, can you tell us a bit more about this podcast, and why did you choose mental health as a topic to cover?

It’s named after my song “let life love you” which became a mantra for people all over the world and was released in 2020. The timing of it was meant to be for that year, or at least to take off. Myself and best friend Rob Ricotta host this podcast. He said one day, we should do a podcast and you should call it “let life love you podcast” focus on Mens mental health. We both became close friends 2 years ago and he is the brother I never had. We realised we could chat about anything. In depth, laugh, cry. We want to hold a space for men to be able to talk about their issues or just speak out on how they feel. It is very important for us to have women’s perspectives too. I myself suffered from depression at 19, watched my mum go through it, my uncle had schizophrenia most of his life, amongst friends committing suicide or attempted. We are passionate about speaking up and giving a voice to others. We can’t wait to launch it. Start 2023 is when you will be able to hear episodes. 

What can we expect from you next? 

Another single will be released before Christmas this year and turn of the year will be a drip feed of singles then a full album will be presented. Stepping into the acting world. Performing in cities where my fans are too. Learning to be more present. Listen to others too is a big one for me too. Everyday is a school day.

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