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Salt Ashes

14th September 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Photo Credit: Jonny Kaye

Salt Ashes has been making her name as a rising pop star for the last few years now, having released her first single back in 2015. Continuously writing and experimenting with upbeat dance-pop, the London-based artist has gone for a more introspective release as she drops her latest single ‘Didn’t See It Coming’.

Hi, thanks so much for talking to ReVamp, how did Salt Ashes come about? 

Salt Ashes was born in Brighton after I’d been to Brighton Institute of modern music and thought I wanted to be a pop rock singer. I went on a vocal discovery journey trying to find my voice and how to use it in a unique way and that’s when salt ashes was born 

When you became a singer, did you have a vision in mind, and has that vision changed at all?

Definitely. I think you always have a vision of how life in itself is going to turn out and it never is the way you imagined. Being an artist is very different to my imagination when I was little. It’s much harder and less glamorous! There are beautiful and euphoric moments and I love my freedom to create. 

Your new single ‘Didn’t See It Coming’, how did this come about?

I worked on this this Grammy nominated producer Dimitri Tikovoi in his studio in London. It was such an easy process of creating music together and me singing the first thing that came out. The subject is based on real life events which is always the best. 

What was the recording/writing process like?

So easy and so fun. Dimitri and I work so well together and he totally understands my language. We spent two days in the studio together making this and it was so fun. 

How is this different from any of your other singles?

I feel like this is going back to similar disco vibes to my first album which is quite cathartic as it reminds me of my late friend and producer who produced my first album, Daniel Fridholm. 

What does this song mean to you?

This song has a refreshing and awakening feeling for me as the subject matter is much lighter and positive compared to what I usually write. I normally write about much darker subjects and even though there’s darkness in the lyrical content it’s really about happy times for me. 

What is next for you?

I have a headline show coming up on the 15th September in London which I’m really looking forward to and I’m currently in the studio getting the next single ready. 

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