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Saffron & Rose

Photography and Words: Owen James Vincent

Owner and Designers, Scarlett and Antonia wearing their brand.

Best friends, Scarlett and Antonia chased their dreams last year with creating their own clothing line called 'Saffron & Rose'. They launched this year in April which was a huge success as the products sold out straight away, leaving them thinking this is something they want to do and too take it even further.

We teamed up with the girls by doing a photoshoot in the middle of Camden on a really hot summers day and got to interview them about their brand, where it all started and where they hope to be this time next year.

Model: Tia wearing Saffron & Rose

Hello, Antonia & Scarlett! Thank you for doing a photoshoot and interview with ReVamp. How was your experience with us? Is this your first photoshoot since you released your clothing brand?

Scarlett: Aww we've loved it! It's been so fun! It's not our first photoshoot, we did one a couple of months ago with this great guy, Adam Brazier which was so fun but this was more street style and we absolutely loved it. 

Antonia: Owen's been great! He's a great photographer as well. He's got some great shots of us by the graffiti in Camden. 

How come you both decided to create 'Saffron & Rose' ? What were the ideas behind it and where did the name come from?

A: So we were chatting about having our own clothing brand for years. During lockdown, we had lots of Facetime calls and we thought we need to do this.

S: We had loads of spare time all of a sudden and it was something we always talked about. So we thought why not? Let's just do it and see how it goes.

A: The name comes from both of our middle names. I'm Antonia Saffron!

S: and I'm Scarlett Rose.

A: Yeah! and we've been best friends for years.

S: We just knew we wanted to do something together, we always talked about a clothing brand, it's just something you talk about and obviously with lockdown we just thought let's just do it! We started experimenting, coming up with different ideas and we we're obsessed with tie dye first. We know somewhere down the line we want to release some tie-dye stuff. We went back to basics and thought let's create a brand that's true to us, that we love and what we would wear all the time.

A: We love the colour peach! So we had to put it in the logo.

You've had such a positive response from customers with your clothing line. How has that been for you?

S: It's been quite overwhelming! So many people we know like our family and friends have been so supportive and really helping us out.

A: People have been very impressed by the quality of the t-shirts and they have said the embroidery is great. They actually prefer the embroidery over us doing printed t-shirts.

S: We kept it very true to us and people have just been so positive and lovely about it. It was when we managed to out reach to customers we didn't know, that we felt like we could definitely do something with this. It was so fun and we're so excited about it.

Where are you hoping 'Saffron & Rose' will be this time next year?

A: We just want to reach more people that we don't know. I've got family in Canada and they mentioned they would want stuff over there. Hopefully when we can send it over there people will recognise our t-shirts and jumpers. 

S: We are hoping to do a few little pop up shops as well. We've got something potentially coming up this summer that people would be able to come along. So, that's the plan for next year! Just do a few pop up shops and creating more of an experience, not just showing our stuff on social media. 

A: We want people coming along to meet us and get to know us and represent that as a brand.

S: Yeah and Antonia said from the start that she wants people to follow our journey doing it. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start up their own clothing brand?

A: Do lots of research about what's in trend at the moment, what people are buying but also try and do something different and a bit edgy. 

S: And what works for you! You have got to love your own brand and you need to make sure you want to wear it yourself!

S: Don't be afraid to experiment. 

A: We started with tie-dye in Scarlett's kitchen with her mums baking stuff. It took us about a week to find the tie-dye stuff and then we did it. It was good but it was not want we want to sell. 

S: You've got to remember at first you won't be making a profit but do it because you love it.

A: Make sure you do it with someone you get on really well with *laughs*

S: If you're not enjoying it... change the design, change the way you're working because if you're not enjoying it, whats the point?

Have you got anything exciting coming up that you want to share with your readers?

A: We have bucket hats!

S: Yes! We've also got socks coming soon, we will keep you all up to date on our Instagram.

A: Also the pop up shops soon!

S: We would love to have our own shop too. I would love one in London

A: Ooh yeah! I would love one in Brighton!

You can follow Saffron & Rose on their journey here.

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