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Saara Chaudry

16th May 2023

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Rising Star Saara Chaudry talks to us about her role 'Hannah' in the new Disney+ tv series, The Muppets Mayhem. We chat to Chaudry about being part of a huge Disney franchise, behind the scenes gossip and future projects.

Hi Saara. Thank you for talking with us today. How has your year been so far?

Hey ReVamp! Thanks for having me. My year has been pretty wonderful so far. 2023 has been such a special year for me. I feel so grateful to be currently finishing off my first year at Harvard College and to have just released The Muppets Mayhem! 

You’re starring in Disney+ The Muppets Mayhem as Hannah. Congratulations! How was it filming with some of TV’s legendary characters?

Thank you! Legendary characters is absolutely right. It genuinely feels surreal to say that I got to work alongside some of the most iconic characters on the planet. Every day on set, I needed to pinch myself to make sure that I was living in reality. Overall though, I am just filled with so much gratitude. There are truly no words to describe how magical the Muppets are, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be starring alongside them. 

What was the audition process like and being part of Disney?

The audition process was really interesting because it all happened as we were phasing out of Covid protocols. All my auditions ended up being conducted via self-tape. My final screen test with Lilly and our executives ended up being over Zoom!

Being a part of the Disney family is an honor and a privilege! I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see the magic we were able to create on The Muppets Mayhem. I hope everyone loves the show just as much as I loved being a part of it! 

Check out the trailer to 'The Muppets Mayhem'. 

Growing up did you ever watch any of The Muppets movies? Did you re-watch the other movies and does this make you think about how you would interact with the characters? 

My interactions with The Muppets growing up was definitely more Sesame Street based. Now that I’m older and on the show, I’ve made it my mission to watch all The Muppets movies!  

I will say, however, that The Muppets had a huge impact on my whole family— especially my dad. Once I booked the show, he told me that as a kid, The Muppets were the only thing he could watch on TV that offered him a neutral space; one where race, gender, and class did not matter. These characters were all different colors, shapes, and sizes, and made him feel seen. I think that’s what makes this franchise so special— the fact that, despite these characters often not being “human”, they are human in the sense that they love, care, and feel in the same ways we do. 

Working with The Muppets you must have some funny behind the scenes moments. Is there anything you can tell us?

Every day was a BLAST and I was always holding back laughter! I think the funniest behind the scenes moments happened when we would finish a take and the Muppet performers would stay in character. One thing everyone has to know is that the Muppet performers are so talented and their comedy/improv skills are unmatched. So when the camera would cut, they would continue ad libbing and saying the most hilarious things that definitely couldn’t be included in the show! These characters eventually became so separate from the performers who bring them to life that I would, for example, be having a conversation with Dr. Teeth and a completely separate one with Bill (who plays Dr. Teeth) at the same time!

Lastly, before we let you go! Have you got any more projects planned?

Nothing I can talk about just yet! However, I am working on some personal projects and writing some of my own scripts that I’ll hopefully be able to develop soon. For now, go watch The Muppets Mayhem on Disney Plus! 

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