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Ryan McParland

Interview: Shane Ramdhany

Editor in Chief: Owen James Vincent

Photo Credit: David Reiss

Grooming: Samantha Cooper

Styling: Sam Thompson

Revamp’s the Inner Screen lead writer, Shane Ramdhany, interviews the passionate and engaging Ryan McParland regarding his upcoming role in the Halo TV series. He recalls his experience on the set of Halo infused with enthusiasm and offers his perspective on the ideal role in cinema.

Shane: Are you a fan of Halo? What drew you to this role?

Ryan:  Yes, in shapes and forms.  I grew up playing Playstation but I remember playing Xbox at my friend’s house in high school.  Halo was a presence there and while I didn’t play too much, it was very iconic while I was in high school.  As a result, I was naturally drawn to this role.

Shane:  It sounds like the nostalgia of these games have attributed to a strong desire for you to pursue this role.

Ryan:  Yes, it has been beyond my most imaginative dreams to be a part of something like this.

Shane: Can you share anything about your character in Halo?

Ryan: (Laughs) I can’t really, it is shrouded in secrecy.  I can’t say anything beyond that it is an assistant to a character on the show.  Things are really being kept under wraps until the show premiers.  I think it’s all part of the allure.  I think it will be exciting for fans of the franchise to see what we have created for this show. There was such a vibrant and wonderful energy existing on the set.

Shane:  This secrecy only generates more anticipation for the show!

A screen grab of Ryan playing in Halo

Shane: What was the biggest challenge of undertaking this role?

Ryan:  In terms of scale, this was a bit of an undertaking.  It has such a huge following and so much anticipation.  You want to do it justice and give the best performance that you can.  Everyone on the show was deeply committed and dedicated to make it the best that it can be.  People on the set had a spring in their step, you could feel their energy and excitement. What they built on the show was something incredible.  The ingenuity, the imagination, it was all just amazing. It was so breathtaking to be a part of this project.

Shane:  Having seen the previews, the excellent cinematography depicted reflects that commitment that you mentioned.  The gaming community is very passionate so it makes sense that you have found this to be such a huge undertaking.

Shane:  What is your definition of the ideal role?

Ryan: I was asked this by an incredible playwright in 2013.  I stated that I wanted to play Richard III and he objected and said Richard II (laughs).  I never really thought about it until that point.  I personally don’t really have the ideal role in mind.  I work from a place of fear.  The more difficult I feel that something can be, I am almost more enticed by it.  I am not really sure where it comes from.  There is more a sense of an achievement when you accomplish a challenging role.  I do tend to be drawn to the types of characters that are portrayed as outsiders who are vulnerable and steeped in honesty and authenticity.  

Shane:  It looks like you are drawn to raw, grounded roles that viewers can most often relate to and foster a connection with.

Shane:  Can you tell us about any of your upcoming projects?

Ryan:  I am not terribly sure what I am going to do next, as is the life of an actor.  I just did a comedy pilot with an incredible comedian actress, Rosie Jones.  It was really incredible work, being back in comedy was something I missed.  More recently, I had descended into more serious, darker roles.  At this time, I am focusing on being in the moment.  I am hiking, working on Pilates, and am enjoying playing football again.  I am enjoying just “being,” at this time.

Shane:  Self-care is so essential and will inevitably attribute to a strong mindset as you transition back into cinema.  This has been a great opportunity and thanks so much for your time!

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