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Rosalind Eleazar

10th February 2023

Interview: Amelia Kang

Photographer: Violeta Sofia

Hair: Kevin Levine

Makeup: Kenneth Soh

Styling: Aimee Croysdill

At ReVamp, we chat with actor Rosalind Eleazar, a screen and stage actress, most renowned for featuring in the ITV series Deep Water, as well as Howard’s end. We discussed her return to AppleTV’s series, Slow Horses, and her role of playing Louisa Guy.

Slow Horses is a refreshing take on the spy-thriller genre and is dappled with dark humor and suspense. Based on the novel series, “Slough House” by Mick Herron, it depicts a team of drifting MI5 agents who are condemned to menial cases that often result in harboring more layers than anticipated. What aspects particularly attracted you to this series?

I loved the blurred line between comedy and drama. When I read it the script first time, I thought you can put this into a genre. It’s like an office sitcom meets the spy thriller world. It was unique. I’m also attracted to characters that aren’t immediately likeable on the page. Louisa goes out in the world with such a tough exterior, rarely letting you see her true self. I find it more interesting to play a character that has lots of layers to peel away until we get to the core. And only do we see glimpses of the core. 

How would you describe your character, Louisa Guy, in three words? 

Sharp, lonely, private.

What is it like working alongside Gary Oldman? 

Just great. He’s very funny so it’s always a joy to be on set with him!

You’ve been on Broadway and the West End, as well as TV; how did your beginnings in the theatre take you to the screen – was it something you specifically pursued, or was it an unanticipated big break?

I guess nowadays, it’s actually more likely for a recent graduate’s first job to be in TV. There is so much of it around. For me personally, it meant a lot for my first job to be in theatre. I adore it. Whilst I was at the Royal court, I do remember auditioning for what was my first TV job. After I met the director, he said to me you haven’t done much TV and I said well if I get this, it will be the start, and he smiled at me, and shortly after I got the job. I then did TV for a while and I think, a part I played where the character was an extremely damaged young woman, opened a few doors. Anything I pursue, is because most importantly, I am drawn to the character and the medium is secondary. 

You have stated previously that you were scared to pursue your dream of acting since you loved it so much – and now you’re on the screen, the stage, and you’ve reached that dream. But how would you define success, and what does it mean to you?

That’s interesting. I think my definition of success has changed over the years. For me, now, I think it’s to stay creatively fulfilled and be challenged as much as you can. Staying true to yourself is not as easy as you would think in the creative world. You really have to be brave and take risks and that includes saying no to projects that you don’t think will develop you.  

Slow Horses is streaming now on AppleTV+.

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