Meet Callum.

Photography: Rajan Wadhera

Model: Callum from DAM Models

"This past year has been really challenging for many of us in the creative industry, it has really given me the time to think about what the future of the fashion industry will look like post Covid. Styling has always been my main form of work, but I've always tried not to limit myself when being approached for other avenues of creative work. I've always collaborated on projects, whether that be for styling a music video, event, editorial or commercial. 

For modelling, I never really gave it that much thought; until I was receiving more emails and messages from designer & photographers asking me to model for their shoots. As I work with many models from different agencies, I knew that I didn't really have a commercial looking face, but more of an editorial look. This was when I decided to search around the more diverse modelling agencies, where I knew I would be more suited towards. Styling and modelling has given me that freedom and knowledge to express my brand and what I stand for within the industry". - Callum

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