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Interview: Owen James Vincent

Heather Small, singer, songwriter and musician has added another string to her bow…fashion designer! Heather has joined forces with her sister Cheryl to form Proudsista a fashion brand supplying cool clothing and accessories for all those proud strong sisters out there. Their merchandise with its inspirational strong messages is just the tonic we need in our current state of uncertainty. ReVamp caught up with the sisters who elaborated on their creative brand and their hopes for the future...

What inspired you to create a clothing line together? 

We have always wanted to work together but with our different career paths never had the opportunity. With a career change we were able to work together within the music business. 

We never had a particular industry we wanted to go into but during the pandemic we were inspired to work on a project that could reach out to people in the most positive way especially those with mental health issues. It was never just a money endeavour, we wanted to do something with meaning and purpose to reflect the women we are 

How was it launching ‘Proudsista’ during a pandemic? 

It had its challenging moments but it was great working together and figuring out the problems and obstacles. It helped to keep our minds occupied instead of continuously focusing on the real horror of what was beginning to unravel around the world. 

I was inspired and mentored by Kubi Springer, a Brand Specialist, who is mighty in her field of work and also invested in her book 'Kubi Springer (I Am My Brand)'.

What values does your brand stand for? 

We believe in respect, quality, honesty, diversity, inclusion, integrity and purpose, not only in business but in everything. Innovation and the freedom to be creative in the way we work and think is key. 

What advice would you give to people who want to start a clothing line? 

We are not perfect right now but we are enjoying the learning process. If you genuinely want to start any business, we would say don’t put it off, try and start immediately. It took us years but wish we had started earlier. Ask for advice and any training paid or free, that would enhance your knowledge to following your dreams. 

We have met so many lovely like-minded people on the way that have given us encouragement and the impetus to carry on. 

Where do you see Proudsista at this time next year? 

This year we reached out to The Julian Campbell Foundation which is a mental health charity working towards stamping out teen suicide and working towards their health and wellbeing. We would definitely like to raise awareness for the Foundation especially our experience around mental health in our childhood and adult life. 

Lastly, what’s the proudest thing you have ever done? 

The blessing of being a positive influence on my wonderful son James who I feel will fulfil his considerable potential. 

The proudest thing for me is to given birth to two beautiful, kind and loving children Savannah and Tyler. I know its cliché but its so true.

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