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Pressley Hosbach

15th December 2023

Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Digital Editor & Interview: Pankhuri Bhutani 

Photography: Ben Cope 

Makeup: Robert Bryan

Hair: Douglas Jack

Styling: Veronica Graye

Clothing: KK Co / Jewelry: Rat Betty

Whether it is dance, content creation, acting, singing, fashion hauls, beauty tips, skincare, hairstyling, trending sneaker content or entrepreneurship, our latest cover star has got it all covered! 

Merely at the age of 17, Pressley Hosbach has transformed into one of the youngest rising creatives within the landscape of entertainment and lifestyle. And she's only getting stronger. 

Hailing from Los Angeles, Hosbach has been witnessed immersing herself into a plethora of immensely exciting endeavours ranging from being one of the stars in the final installment of "Dance Mom", to her involvement as a host on the orange carpet of Teen Choice Awards. She was also featured on Nickelodeon's scripted series "Erin & Aaron'' and fans can't wait to see what she has in store for the future in terms of her acting journey!

But that's not it. Pressley's talents does not solely reside in just being a performer and a viral content creator. She's also an upcoming entrepreneur poised to disrupt the athleisure market. 

Hosbach recently launched her own activewear line in collaboration with "Jo + Jax"; a collection that is more than just dancewear. It's a line of collection beautifully amalgamating the elements of fashion, comfort, and functionality. 

Having such a multifaceted life, Pressley Hosbach recently sat down with us as our latest cover star in order to discuss her prominent professional journey so far. 

Hi there Pressley. So lovely to have you as our latest cover star here at ReVamp! How are you doing? Since we're almost at the end of 2023, how would you say has this year been for you both professionally and personally?

Hi! I’m doing great, thanks for asking! This year for me has definitely been super memorable for me in all aspects of my life. I think that I have grown a lot as a person and in my career and can’t wait for the next. 

At just the age of 17, it seems like you have already achieved a lot!

What would you say has been the most memorable moment of your professional journey so far?

There have been a lot of moments that have been super special to me over the years but most recently getting to guest star on Nickelodeon’s newest show Erin & Aaron was super cool. I have been watching Nickelodeon my whole life so getting to now watch myself was surreal!

Talk to me more about what it truly was that brought you closer within the landscape of entertainment. Was it something that you had already decided to pursue at a young age or did this passion emerge at a later phase of your life?

Growing up as a dancer I knew I wanted to be in the entertainment industry from  an  early age but as  I got  older and  started   immersing  myself more in  the industry  I  realized  that while  I  still  wanted to continue  dancing my focus and goals for my  long  term career had shifted to  acting and music.

You have also garnered such a well established following on your social media platforms; releasing distinct videos on skincare, fashion, beauty, hair, sneaker content and much more. It's like you've got everything covered!

Besides these diverse elements, is there any other genre or type of content you'd love to craft more videos on if given an opportunity? 

I really love  creating  content and sharing so much  of my life and world with my audience.   I have so much fun creating all different types of  content  whether it is beauty and lifestyle, dance, cooking or fashion & my love of sneakers I really am  just letting my  content be determined  by who I am and what I am  doing and  enjoying at  that  particular time of my life - it is really just my digital  diary! 

I obviously have to mention your recently launched own activewear collection with Jo+Jax! Huge congratulations on this phenomenal endeavour! How did this wonderful collaboration come into existence? 

Thank you so much!   Collaborating with Jo+Jax has truly been a dream!   Being a   dancer my  whole life I  was  always wearing Jo+Jax to class and dance conventions - it was my favorite brand!  When  the opportunity  came  about to create my  own  collection I couldn’t have thought of  a better  brand to partner with.  It was such a great experience  to have been so involved in  the entire process and  to  learn how much time, work and  energy  goes into making a collection come to life.  It was truly a  full circle moment for me and I couldn’t be  more proud  of how the collection came together.

Are you happy with the reception that you have received from your supporters on this line of collection so far? 

Yes! I am thrilled with how the collection has been received and how much love so many  people are showing it!   I  love  to  see  other  dancers, athletes and even  people just wearing  the pieces in their  day to day life.  It shows how   versatile the collection is and how it really can work for anyone and everyone.

Being someone who has already achieved so many accolades merely at the age of 16, what sort of advice would you like to bestow upon the young individuals who look up to you as a source of inspiration and are trying to make it within the entertainment industry? 

I would say that the best  advice that I could give is to always stay true to who you are, work hard and to always surround yourself with people who want to make you better yourself and who support you in all that you do.   I also think that finding   role models that share the  same   values  as you is important so that you always have someone to motivate and inspire you.  And of course, never give up on your dreams! 

Besides being a wonderful content creator and a phenomenal entrepreneur, you have also been seen showcasing your impeccable acting skills on-screen; being involved amongst several successful projects like "Dancing Moms" and Nickelodeon's scripted series "Erin & Aaron''. 

Is there anything that your fans expect in terms of your acting career in your future years?

Yes!  Besides music,  acting  is where I see myself and my career going and I  have a lot of plans to make those goals come true this year!  

What's next for you, Pressley? Anything on your bucket list for the year 2024? 

I have  a lot of goals and things  on my bucket list for 2024!  Early on in 2024 I am launching my solo  music career so I am super excited  for that and everything that will come along with it.  I have lots of  plans  on the acting front and have a lot of amazing  projects coming soon as well! I can’t wait to share more on all of that soon! 

(Thank you for taking out your time for this interview, Pressley!) 

Lastly, I would love to ask you if there's any message that you'd wish to convey to your supporters currently reading this interview? 

Thank you so  much, I loved  talking with you! 

I  would like to say thank you to anyone that is  reading this or to anyone  that  has supported me in  my journey.  I  wouldn’t be where I am without you all and I feel very lucky to have  this  platform and hope to continue  to use it for good and  to  continue spreading   happiness and positivity to everyone out  there and hope  to always be a  positive role model.

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