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22nd September 2022

Interview: Amelia Kang

The American alt-pop star, PLVTINUM, has released a daring new single named “DIE4MYBITCH” to set the tone for his upcoming EP to be released later this year. It encapsulates the fervent desire to be possessive in a relationship through its dark, driving electronic sound, bound to allure the listener. Having collaborated with artists such as Chase Atlantic, and having garnered over 500 million streams in total, PLVTINUM is a highly anticipated artist, guaranteed to return with hit-after-hit.

Thanks for talking with us here at ReVamp! Your new single is pretty electrifying – what would you say you found the most enjoyable about the creative process for the song?

Thank you! The creative challenge for this record was to try and merge dark, cinematic production with trap drums and a hyper-rhythmic vocal. The process of massaging the record into different shapes and seeing where the most exciting combinatory play came about was notably fulfilling. 

As an artist who blends different genres and moods together so seamlessly, which artists and bands would you say are your musical influences?

The Neighbourhood is a big reference point for me. My favorite aspect of making music is trying to bend genres to their limit. I try to familiarize myself with every music subculture from the indie/songwriter world to the alt-electronic world (phonk, hyperpop, etc). 

Did you always dream of being an artist, or did you have other ideas in mind?

Being an artist has always been my sole focus. I’m an incredibly passionate and intense person and always have been. When I was 18, my plan was to put out as many songs as humanly possible until one eventually took. Luckily for me, my very first single passed one million streams fairly quickly. 

Is there a certain genre that you want to experiment with in the future?

I’ve only just scratched the surface with what’s possible in the dark pop world. I want to experiment with production and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. 

Considering your rise to fame has skyrocketed in recent years, where do you picture yourself in five years’ time?

Releasing longer-form projects with eclectic features, going on tour, and signing other artists to the label I'm developing. In all likelihood, I'll probably also have a few more dogs by then too! 

Following your new single release, what can we expect from your upcoming EP? 

Expect a ton of hard hitting, unexpected production with airy vocals. This EP is a summary of all of the sub-genres that I’ve been obsessed with in the last few years and these are the very best records I was able to make after hundreds of hours of producing, writing and singing in my home studio in NYC. The EP outlines all of my toxic traits and aims to amplify them as a method of catharsis. 

You can stream PLVTINUM's latest single here.

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