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Piera Van De Wiel

Words: Amy Bell

Photography: Sara Laufer

LGBTQ+ activist, singer-songwriter, opinion-maker, equality hero, thought-provoker, producer, kick-ass dresser and general good egg, Piera Van De Wiel – who you may know from her 2019 single ‘Come Back Home’, or her lockdown heart-breaker ‘Hold You In a Month’, or her humanitarianism that’s been rewarded with a Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Listener Impact at the Global Music Awards, or, well, all of the above – is bringing a sunshine-y dollop of summer loving to your playlists, just in time for Pride month.

Piera is more than just a pop artist, she is also the founder of her collective Stronger With Music that promotes the importance of music and mental health and music and social impact. 

Piera’s new track ‘Love Is Meant for You’ is the LGBTQ+ pride summer anthem bursting with effervescent joy just guaranteed to get you singing along. This is a song for everyone which celebrates the equality of universal love. ‘Love Is Meant for You’ is also for those that haven’t yet confessed to your crush, to your friend, someone you think you could never have. As the world starts to open up now, it’s the perfect time to proudly celebrate the kind of love which has seen us through the past year-and-a-bit of dark and tricky times.

Hi there Piera. Thank you for talking to ReVamp. Not only are you a music artist but also the founder of 'Stronger With Music', a collective that promotes the importance of music and mental health as well as music and social impact. Why was creating something like this so important to you?

Hi! Thanks for chatting with me! I’m just a human who loves to help others and if my music can play a part in someone's life, bring attention to something we don’t talk about, I’m happy.  I’m extremely passionate about social impact and mental health! And as a music artist I saw how music can be so powerful. It can evoke emotions, connect and help give new perspectives, which is why I started my collective Stronger With Music. My current campaigns support ‘Disaster Relief’ and to ‘End Violence Against Women’. Not all of my music is connected to a cause, but when I write songs I want to bring up the moments we don’t talk about, or we are afraid to share. 

You recently released your new single ‘Love is Meant For You’. Was this based on a personal story?

Confessing your love for someone is something everyone can relate to! Love comes in so many forms. So let’s celebrate everybody’s individual stories.

What was the recording/writing process like for ‘Love is Meant For You’ ?

I loved writing this song! Picture me jumping up and down and doing a little jig!! My favourite moment was trying to figure out how to start the 1st verse. I was re-telling the story to my producers of how I lay in bed and kept recording a voice message over and over again (I hate how we can’t listen back to them before sending.  Arghh!!!) … And yes I’m a hopeless romantic. I love working with Lucan Mills and Luke Moseley, producers of the song! They are good mates and talented souls.

Check out the music video for 'Love Is Meant for You' by Piera

Your lyrics whimsically portray the realness of coming to terms with one's identity as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Do you remember the feelings you felt when you came out in the LGTBQ+ community?

It’s sometimes scary as you don't know how people will react, but the amount of love I have received from family and friends has been so beautiful and I’m very grateful for that. That is one reason why I wanted to write this song- a romantic love song for anyone who wanted to give out and confess their love! But to remind everyone that love comes in many forms so I wanted to celebrate every love story in “Love Is Meant for You” .

How did you feel to write this song from a personal point of view? Did you have hard moments, where you didn’t know what you wanted. 

When I sat down to write this song I wanted to express love, especially during these crazy times. It did scare me, as confessing your love is sometimes hard to do. 

How has the reaction been to the new single?

Ahh!!!!  I hope people have been enjoying it! The main comments have been that LIMFY is their summer anthem and something that they have shared with their partners, or even crushes!!! ;) That was my intention. Be bold and to share your love (tee hee).  Whoever that may be!

What is next for you, Piera? Anything you're currently working on that you'd like to share with your fans?

Yes!!!! I’m currently working on my new song “Do You Want More?” which I think my followers will love! When you’re being your true self and that person is finding out all of your foibles, do they still want more of you?!!!! (find out in the song!) 

Check out more music from Piera on her Spotify and follow her on Instagram @pieravandewielofficial.

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