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Paige Cavell

21st July 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

‘ROYL’ is Paige’s first release as an independent artist, having previously been signed to Xenomania, the songwriting and production team behind Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Kylie Minogue and some of the best British pop music of the last two decades. ‘ROYL’ sees Paige take the reins to self-write a hook-driven bop, showcasing a confident dance-pop sensibility and undeniable star quality. 

Thanks so much for talking to ReVamp, what is your reason behind making music?

Thanks so much for talking to me! I find listening to and creating music incredibly healing, I sometimes write a lyric and think where the hell did that come from and then a few weeks later I’ll realise it was something I was feeling deep down that I just hadn’t come to terms with yet. It’s almost like your subconscious voice, it's sometimes very revealing. Last week I asked my friend “what do you do when you are going through something, like how do you move past it?” as writing music gives me a tool to deal with situations. I also love the way music can make others feel. I always look for songs by other artists that I can relate to, it makes me feel less alone in a situation.

Do you remember the first-ever CD you bought and what was it? 

I wish this was a very impressive answer that made me look super cool but it’s the complete opposite. It was actually “Crazy Frog” (which was also my ringtone for a good year) and I still have the CD in my room now.

You’re now an independent artist, fully DIY in everything from your artwork to your tracks!  What’s your favourite thing about being independent?

At the moment my favourite thing about being independent is working with so many talented people and just feeling free. It makes me work so much harder as well because everything falls down to me, I can become quite obsessive with things which is a little draining but worth it.

You also have a new single out ‘ROYL’, how did the track come about and what was its inspiration? 

I wrote ‘ROYL' in lockdown in my bedroom and I’ll be honest I was in a pretty rough place. I had just gone through a breakup and not being able to leave the house to distract myself left me completely engulfed in my thoughts 24 hours a day. In lockdown, like all of us, I found myself reflecting on things that happened years and years ago so I also think other situations I had been through bled into the track. I guess the song wasn’t just about one situation. It was more about a feeling than a particular thing or person.

What is one thing you would like fans to take away from the track? 

I want people to listen to the track and feel good about themselves and to move forward, knowing you can go through a place of feeling sad and come out the other side thinking to yourself, "whoever broke up with me or wanted me out their life is going to regret losing me for the rest of their life!” I really like the thought of people getting ready to ‘ROYL' to go out or screaming it in their cars with their friends. 

What would you say your creative process is- from song writing to recording?

One of the main parts of my creative process is writing in my notes app on my phone. I’m writing lyric ideas in there pretty much every day, I will also sometimes record melody ideas into my phone too. The most annoying part of the song writing process for me is I always get ideas just as I’m falling asleep and then I feel guilty and can’t sleep if I don’t write them down! When I’m recording I really like to get in the mind set of exactly how I’m feeling in the song or how I felt when I wrote it (if the song was written a while ago) so I do things to trigger those emotions. I’ll also listen to similar songs that fit the same vibe on the way to the studio as well.

What is next for you?

I’ve got a few exciting things happening in August which I’m absolutely buzzing about, including some new music and some live performances! I also hope to start writing more for other artists, that is a huge goal of mine.  

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