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Ollie King

27th March 2024

Photography, Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Grooming: Alex Spikings

Ollie King is a face you would recognize from the hit BBC Three show 'I Kissed A Boy' with the amazing host, Danni Minogue. Since leaving the show Ollie has made a name for himself by creating videos on social media of his day-to-day life at work, walking down red carpets and next month he's dropping his debut single.

King tells us about his upcoming single, fashion inspirations and he gives us advice to the girls for the new series of 'I Kissed A Girl'.

Hi Ollie! Thanks for chatting with us today. Congratulations on your new single! How excited are you to release this song and for the public to hear it?

I am absolutely buzzing for everybody to hear it. I've loved music over the years with different types of genre, ages from the 60s right through until modern ages. Taking a bit of a detour from other things it's something I've always wanted to do. As much as I love singing and different types of music I defiantly an avenue I wanted to pursue for ages, when it came through I was like let's give it a go! 

The song is very 80s, very Pet Shops Boys which is my kind of vibe. It's a bit of me!

What was the process like?

The process was that I was messaged from a lad on Instagram that said he saw I Kissed A Boy and said that he had this track and thought I would work really well on it. We exchange some messages, I went up to London and got in his studio, sang some bits and pieces and before you know it like eleven takes in it was done and dusted. It was so much fun to be in a proper studio and to know what I sounded like with all the equipment. The producers were chuffed and pleased and I just kind of snowballed from then!

Last year you were on BBC Three’s 'I Kissed A Boy' which had so many good reactions to it. How was it to be part of this show?

Being part of I Kissed A Boy I'll never forget. It was a real ground breaking show where it was our slice of the cake. It wasn't a show where the thrower in a gay couple to keep us happy. To be apart of it I will ever be proud of, Danni is amazing, she is a true icon and she was an icon back before when it was fashionable. She was amazing on all levels, not just ecestily but a real character and I will forever be grateful for Danni for that. The amount of people it has been touched and reached out to has been incredible! The messages I've received from three grown men or from parents have been incredible. I'm super proud and it will always stay with me from how big or small as it grows.

Has your life changed in any way since leaving the show?

I would say yes my life has changed since leaving the show. I am very grateful for the reaction I got from people and the love I've received when people stop me and ask for some photos and explain their story to me, they are very approachable for the topics I spoke about. I really find the sense of gratitude from people with how fresh the new show that we've all been gagging for. I'm not only very proud of it but I'll do it all again to be honest.

With the new series approaching . What advice would you give the girls?

You're completely worthy. Do not think for one minute that your body is the wrong body or character or personality is the wrong character because you're unique in yourself and let me tell you it's that exact qualities that people look for and that's what will get you casted.

The girls that are going in to it now, this is also ground breaking show where it's all girls dating. I'm their biggest supporter and their biggest fan and I wish and hope they smash it out the park which I know they will. 

Your fashion is amazing! Who inspires you?

I love 80s fashion! Sometimes less is more with a very clean James Dean look. I go through the years with my styles I can see something from the 50s or 60s with high waisted jeans, 80s with the white vests and sometimes there is a little sprinkle of western in there. I really appreciate fashion, you can turn up in a velvet jacket, black shoes and be Bond for the night but then you can go real high wasted denim jeans, white vests, cowboy hat and boots and that's all part of gay culture as well, you can wear whatever you want!

James Dean inspires me but also modern day Harry Styles like I love his style! I love the high wasted flares, jeans and braces even the sequin stuff.

Lastly, if you had the opportunity to ReVamp anything in the world. What would it be and why? 

I would like to ReVamp gay culture in clubs! Some of the amazing clubs and venues that have sadly gone, the real underground gay bars from the likes of Freddie sneaking Diana in that kind of bars. I want to see that! Defiantly like to ReVamp the scene with the gay bars and clubs.

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