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Words: Amy Bell

NUUXS is a song-writer/singer from London. Her songwriting is mostly about her personal life and her upbringing. 

NUUXS is a successful lady, who has very much done very well for herself eve if she is only in her mid 20’s. She has many achievements such as; co wrote the MajorLazer single 'Tied Up' ft. MrEazi, Raye & Jake Gosling which is included on the 'Major Lazer Essentials' album. She has performed backing vocals for Shawn Mendes on 'Mercy' single from album 'Illuminate', The Libertines track 'Belly Of The Beast' from album 'Anthems For Doomed Youth' and Mario single 'Goes Like That'  from album 'Dancing Shadows'

We got to speak to NUUXS about her new single ‘Lemongrass’.

Hi NUUXS, Thanks for talking to ReVamp, who was your inspiration growing up in terms of your music career? 

Hey thank you so much for having me! Growing up as a kid I had so many inspirations a lot taken from old Hollywood films, soul and RnB to 80’s ballads and 90’s hip hop. I’d say some came from church music too as that was something I was exposed to for a while and my country Lao music.

You have released a new single ‘LemonGrass’ which is a dedication to your Papa, what made you decide you wanted to release a single in dedication for him?

I felt on the album I wanted to write something as an appreciation for him and what he has done for me. To flee a country with nothing but his name has touched me now I’m old enough to understand. He doesn’t talk much about it but I just wanted him to know how much I love him and also my Lao culture. It’s been great seeing messages from Lao people all over the world who related to the lyrics and the video.

You have released a single about your childhood upbringing, was it difficult to bring your upbringing up and how did you remember certain memories? 

It used to be hard to talk about it, however now I’m dealing with it by owning it and it feels like my trauma doesn’t own me anymore. I remember a lot but it’s nice not to think about it. The more I progress as a person the less I think about it.

Check out the music video too 'Lemongrass' above.

What is your favourite lyric from the single? 

I find all the lyrics so personal but if I had to choose it would be  

“Shared a bedroom with 7 more 

But the bed was the carpet floor

At least we were a family// and we

Had open doors at number 33”

You have a lot of reviews about your music- how does that make you feel knowing people love listening to your music? 

It’s an honour and is always such an amazing feeling when knowing there is someone out there, listening to my music in their precious free time.

What was the recording/writing process like for 'Lemongrass'

I remember being at Sticky Studios with Jake Gosling and I wanted to have session players with me who also wrote the song with us. We talked about all the intricate details down from taste, smell and honestly the beautiful piano played by Harry Bennett is like a warm hug at the end of the song. The other writer involved is the very talented Angus Parkinson. 

Do you think your music has changed over the last couple of years and how?

Yes absolutely, I’m always changing and I think it’s exciting to not put yourself in a box. I don’t consider myself one type of artist, I’m always learning something new and I hope to keep that urge to explore continues to grow even more. 

What is next for you in your music? 

My debut album “Heirloom”is being released September 3rd which includes “Lemongrass”. I've performed at a small show August 12th at Cocoa Vaults in Covent Garden and launching my album September 8th 2021 at Cargo in Shoreditch.. yes of course you’re invited! 

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