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14th August 2023

Interview: Elijah Kang

Moving to the UK at 18 years old to pursue her dreams, the Brazilian-born singer Nonô has become a worldwide sensation, and is only furthering her success with her sprightly new track called “Domingo”. 

The singer was surrounded by a range of musical influences during her childhood, which reflects the youthful vitality of her oeuvre. Yet, Nonô’s presence refuses to be categorised into a single box, as “Domingo” features a fusion of Latin rhythms and British electronic influences, seamlessly adjoined and perfect for this summer, as well as her other tracks leaning into pop and R&B. She has accumulated a solid fanbase of around 200 million streams – a number which is bound to increase exponentially. She will be celebrating the release of her new single on the 17Th of August at the Notting Hill Arts Club. 

Thanks for talking with ReVamp! Could you tell us a bit about your new single and the inspiration behind it?

Thanks for having me! My new single ‘DOMINGO’ is about my experience of falling in love with gringos (people that aren’t from Latin America). 

The music video looked like a lot of fun to film, and your personality really shines through with this, as well as your vibrant fashion sense! What was the idea behind the music video?

It was such a fun video to do! We really wanted to show that there are as many types of gringos as there are of love. Sometimes people think being a gringo is a bad thing and so because of that we wanted to make sure the video represented what it means to me!

What drew you to the UK for your music career, as opposed to the US, for example?

I have an uncle and aunt that live in London that were super kind and supportive and let me live with them while I figured out everything! Moving to the UK meant I wasn’t going to be so alone as I had family here.

What was the creative process like for “Domingo”, and do you have an aspect you enjoy the most about making music?

DOMINGO came about so quickly! I was in the studio with Punctual and Henry Tucker and it was our second song of the day. We started playing with the concept of gringo and doing it as a seductive club record and basically after 20 minutes we had our whole song! Every vocal part, except for the verse, is the demo vocal we did on the day. I guess the aspect I love the most is when you get the melody or lyrics just right and you feel it light up the room. 

As someone who loves to dip in and out of various genres and not be pigeonholed into a single style, is there another genre that you want to try out soon in a future track or album?

I would love to do some R&B and some more Drum and Bass! 

What has been your biggest drive to create music for you personally?

I feel like creating music is my purpose in this world. I also want to shine a light on Brazil and our culture and the thought that I can do that through music really drives me forward!

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