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Nina Moore

Interview: Owen James Vincent

Influenced by Motown, R&B, soul and artists such as Smokey Robinson, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and Alicia keys. Nina has created a unique sound with a versatile vocal range. Nina is a singer song writer born and raised in Birmingham, she has always given an honest heart felt performance and has a strong stage presence. 

Currently Nina is working on new tracks for her album, funding this with her tribute acts as Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse. She’s currently in discussions to fix a deal with an established record label. 

Hey Nina, Thank you for talking to ReVamp Magazine. When did you know you had talent for singing?

I knew I had talent for singing when I was really young. My Mum is a professional singer and I would go to gigs with her and perform, just one or two songs. At the end of the show I would get more money than my Mum and I remember it giving me a massive confidence boost and then I started singing professionally when I was seventeen and it went on from there really. I was that kid in the playground that would always show off and be like listen to me sing! [laughs].

If you got to collaborate with any singer in the world who would it be?

That's a really hard question because most of the people that I would love to collaborate have passed away. Artist wise now I think some dance artists that are around but that me being a soloist, so it would be people like Calvin Harris, Diplo are wicked! Out of selfishness because I would want to it would be Lady Gaga, I think she's one of the best song writers around. 

You’re a tribute act to Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga. What made you choose to be these two icons and what is your favourite song of theirs to perform? 

I did a few different tribute acts for a while and decided to stick with these two. Firstly, Lady Gaga, her music and just the way she performs, the costumes she wears, she's such an artist in every single way and not just musically. The fashion, the production of the shows that she gives you so much to do like with my shows I would put on my firework bra. She just gives you an artistic freedom as well as vocal freedom from the way she puts her music together and some of the things she says at the show. She's a huge role model! She talks about bullying and being free with your sexuality, she's such an un-judgmental person and I just like her as a person. 

With Amy Winehouse I think she's just a kick ass artist. Her song writing, her vocal ability and the way she was so honest with her performances, it makes it easy for me to perform because you feel it. 

My favourite song of Lady Gaga's to perform is 'You & I' and with Amy Winehouse it would be 'He Can Only Hold Her'. 

You mainly perform in venues. What was it like last year for you when everything had too close due to Covid? 

It was a massive shock! It went from being performing every weekend, socialising to nothing. It was difficult with mental health, you feel like you lose your identity and you start questioning things like "Am I going to sing again?" or "Will I want to?". You are in front of everyone and when you've done it for a long time you don't think about it but that little gap just gave me time. 

You mentioned you’ve got a new album coming out. Are you allowed to tell us a sneak peek about it all? 

So, it's going to be mostly written with me using keys, I will try and collaborate with established artists around Birmingham. The album itself is going to be R&B, Soul, Funk style. I've done a lot of dance music with DJs which I did like but this time I want to do something a bit more Soul and more Funk. When I get to perform I know what my bands going to sound like and how it's going to go. 

Now do you have a message that you would like to say to your readers?

If anyone can take anything from reading my story. If you have suffered through lockdown with your mental health or perhaps your a musician and you haven't got back in to the swing of it, just go for it! 

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