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Nicola Høie

22nd March 2023

Interview: Christopher Richmond

Photo Credit: Jack Alexander

Nicola Høie is one of the most promising talents currently emerging from Scandinavia. Her boisterous brand of electropop is sure to thrill pop fans everywhere - her latest single Take My Number is released today, and it’s a massive-chorused slice of thrashing Europop. We spoke to Nicola about her creative process, the ongoing development of her debut album, and her musical inspirations.

We're loving your new single Take My Number - it sounds like an absolute smash. What was the inspiration behind the creation of the song? 

The inspiration behind Take my Number was just creating something flirty and fun which people could dance to and get them in a good mood. 

How do you collaborate with the producers to create a song that matches your vision and who you are as a popstar? What's your process to creating a hit record? 

You're not always going to find people who have the same vision as you when it comes to production but so far I have worked with great one’s who understand my taste. I think the best thing is to just be open and experiment and have some fun with it. Sometimes it sounds different when you hear it out loud than it does in your head. It’s all a learning process really.

You're currently working on your debut album across studios and with collaborators across Stockholm, Berlin and Liverpool. How's it shaping up? What can we expect from the collection? 

 It’s been so fun working in these different places with different people. It’s always nice to work in a variety of environments. I’m lucky enough to have worked with such talented and lovely people. We have created a lot of good stuff so I’m really excited for people to hear it all! I think each song is so different so I can’t say anything other than expect the unexpected. 

Check out the lyrics video to 'Take My Number' by Nicola Høie

Your Scandinavian ancestry can be proudly found in your music. In what way does your ancestry inform your music? Why do you think so much of the best pop music in the world comes from Scandinavia? 

To be honest I’m inspired by so many different cultures when it comes to my music. There are a lot of really talented musicians in Scandinavia. A lot of really good writers and producers, and one of my dreams is to get to work with Max Martin. He’s insanely talented and I love his work. 

Who were your musical inspirations growing up? 

I had many musical inspirations growing up but my first one was Adele. She made me want to get into this industry. But I also love Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Whitney Houston, ABBA, all the great one’s.

Whose music are you listening to this year? Who are some of your favourite artists from the last few years? 

I’m listening to all kinds of things really. I love the old stuff to be honest. I’m a big fan of Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Etta James, Aretha Franklin and ABBA. I listen to them a lot! I really love listening to Coldplay as well and Miley Cyrus’s new song Flowers.

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