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Nate Simpson

Photographed by Owen James Vincent

Words by Amy Bell

Nate Simpson is a musician based in South London who's had sold out shows due to his amazing performances. He is known to perform in the West End in shows such as 'Motown The Musical'. Last year he released a single called 'Better' during the first lockdown. 

We got to interview Nate about the single, how he got in to music and how he prepares himself before going on stage. 

You released a song in May 2020 named ‘Better’, what was the inspiration behind ‘Better?’

Better was inspired by my journey over the past 10 years, its about celebrating the lack of fear to evaluate and revaluate your position in life for the purpose of your own growth.

Being in lockdown, how did you find releasing a new single, was it any different?

Releasing music during lockdown was both a blessing and curse a blessing in the sense as it really allowed me the opportunity to focus on wanted creatively, however a curse in the sense it meant I couldn’t perform the material for audiences.

How long did it take you record and write ‘Better’ and is this from past experiences?

Better was actually worked on in just a few hours the producer Jae Eaux and Cordell Mosteller who actually co wrote a large portion of this upcoming project with me, the process was very natural and organic and this song in particular was one that just automatic felt great.

Did you always want to become a song-writer and a singer?

I would say music is something that has always resonated with all that I am, in someway, I didn’t particulary have a direction for it, I just knew that I loved it, hence I always tell people I'm not just a musician but a true music fan, I was fell in love with the piano from the age of about 5, and singing probably way before that.

You have been in a number of theatres shows, what has been your favourite show you have performed in and why?

I don't have a favourite show that Ive been in, each offered something truly special to my life at that time, and each came at the exact right time in my life. 

How do you prepare for a show?

 I prepare for a show, just by being mentally clear, being as healthy as possible, studying, and making sure im in the best place vocally. 

Was theatre always something you wanted to do from a young age?

Theatre was something I loved from a young age, I remember seeing the lion king at around age 9 or 10 and being blown away however I can’t remember having a burning desire to do it, I was always more just in awe. 

Advice for aspiring singers and actors wanting to get into the industry?

My advice for young artist would be don’t be detered or distracted just stay in the art and never lose site of what it is that you actually love.

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