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Narayan Hecter

1st June 2023

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Photography: David Reiss 

Hair & MakeUp: Charlotte Yeomans 

Stylist: Farrah O’Connor 

With the huge success of Paramount+ new series of 'No Escape', we got to chat to Narayan Hecter about his role as Joseph, dream roles and things he enjoyed filming while making the show.

Hello Narayan! Congratulations on your show ‘No Escape’. The show has recently come out. How does it feel to see your work being shown to the world? 

Hi, thank you very much! I’ve watched it and loved it. Surrounded by wonderful actors, directors, crew… it just feels good to be part of a project like this! But nevertheless, I’m trying not to think too much about how many people watch it and have many diverse opinions. It’s a scary thought to have.

You play the role of Joseph. Do you both have any similarities? 

Joseph and I are both loners and introverted people. He is used to be an outsider and that’s what makes me love him,  because if I met him, I would relate to him instantly! Joseph is also stubborn,  particularly when it comes to love! So there’s another common point

What was your favourite part to film throughout the series?

The first half of episode 2 and the whole of episode 4 was shot in a beautiful location called Krabi. The entire cast and crew were there and this was our first opportunity to learn about each other, our dynamics together. This was the moment things really began to feel real, that we were in huge adventure. 

Are you into Thrillers yourself? 

Absolutely, I love thrillers.  

Is there a dream role that you would love to do?

Joseph was actually the kind of role that I’ve always wanted to play. Going away from home to live another life is what I’m looking for! There is a freedom and romance in this. I would also love to play in something like ‘Blade Runner’! Big fan of Cyberpunk genre here!

Lastly, would you happen to have any upcoming projects we need to look out for?

I just came back from Thailand! Once again haha! I’m currently shooting a French action film called Largo Winch and will fly to Belgium to finish the shoot. Then early next year there’s a feature film I’m doing with the Oscar nominated director Timo Von Gunten, it’s an art house piece, beautifully written and I am looking forward to this immensely.

No Escape is now streaming on Paramount+

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