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Mutya Buena

5th May 2021

Photographed by Owen James Vincent

Styling by Danni Res

Nails by Katt Katana

Words by Savannah Small-Swaby

Logo by Emily Curtis

This month, we're incredibly excited to share Mutya Buena as our May cover star. One-third of the Sugababes and the soundtrack to many of our lives, once you've heard her voice you'll never forget it. And while the world may have slowed down for some, for Mutya it's cranking up in the best way possible for 2021. From a new house track releasing on the 7th May with Ryuken to a much-needed summer track we've been waiting for with Snowman Baby releasing around her birthday this month, we couldn't wait to sit down with the Real Girl singer about everything music including her best moments in the Sugababes.

How do you feel when a song you've worked on gets leaked to the public, without your consent?

You spend so much time and effort to channel your creativity and then someone takes it away from you. It's very unfair. The best part of the process when it comes to making music is the excitement in showing your fans. When someone takes it away from you, you sort of get pushed back a little. But, at the end of the day you just have to keep it moving!

If you could pick a favourite album from your career, what would it be?

I guess 'Real Girl'  because it was my first solo album but then there is 'One Touch'  from being my first album but then there's also 'Three' and the rest have all been a success. So I guess all of them! *laughs* 

Everyone's experience in a band is unique and different, how do you think yours differed to the rest of the Sugababes?

I think I ventured out and did my own thing. Being with the group itself was definitely a rollercoaster and very entertaining for myself. There's a lot that has happened with the group and by myself but that's what you get when you do anything, right? For me it's been an up and down situation but I loved every moment. I don't regret anything! No Regrets *laughs*

As a mother who has grown up in the entertainment industry, do you feel you need to protect your daughter even more?

 I mean I'm very protective of her anyway to me that's normal for me I guess but I definitely feel that protection is needed these days.  This whole world is crazy. I did use to feel more worried before thought because I felt like there were people obsessed [with me] and people who don't like me.

What’s your process for writing a new song?

Oooh!  I normally listen to the beat and then I kind of sing along to it and make melodies.  Then I  see what lyrics come out and understand the feeling of the song. Normally when I'm doing a melody it comes out with words and then I can take it from there with the direction I'm going. After, I just build it up and create something special and put in my lovely harmonies and stuff. I think the building process of it all is that I know what I'm talking about and the feel of the song. I know within five seconds if it's something I want to work on. If I don't like it, I won't work on it. 

Can we expect any new music from you in 2021? 

Yes you are going to hear new music! I've got a feature on Snowman Baby's single, 'Your Love Your Way'. It's a very summery track which I'm looking forward to. I'm working on another project which is a house type project, so I'm waiting for all of that to go through and I've got a garage track coming out too. Theres a few more bits and pieces and I've got stuff with the girls.

Is there a song by a female artist or group you grew up listening to that inspired your career?

Whitney Houston's song "Greatest Love of All" because it was one of the first songs that my Dad made me sing in the Philippine community. Greatest Love of All was a song that I sang at the age of six and thats when I knew I could sing.

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