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Molly Rainford

27th October 2021

Photography & Interview: Owen James Vincent

Make Up Artist: Rita Nieddu

Styling: Rory Mcnerney

Hair: Daniel Reed

Clothing: Somebody Elses Guy

Logo Design: Emily Curtis

Our latest cover story goes to the rising star, Molly Rainford. Molly is the lead role in the CBBC show, 'Nova Jones' which launched only a few weeks ago and has been popular ever since.

We did an exclusive photoshoot with Molly for her first ever cover story and sat down to discuss Nova and the gang, TV shows we loved watching while growing up and fashion icons.

Hello Molly! Thanks for talking to ReVamp Magazine. You are the leading star to the brand new CBBC show, 'Nova Jones'. Congratulations! Could you tell us a little bit about the show and what your reaction was like when you found out you got the role?

Thanks for having me! My character Nova is an intergalactic pop star that tours the universe, going to different planets on board her space ship the Jefferson, with her little sister who is also her manager and her little crew. The day I found out I got the role I was at home alone with my dog and I remember turning to my little dog screaming "I've got it!" She was so confused! [laughs]. I had to call everyone up as they were all at work but it was a sweet moment as it was just me and my dog.

The show has been on air for a few weeks now. How was the response from the audience? 

Getting sent videos of family and friends watching it and their kids loving it has been so sweet! The fact that I get to play a role that I've dreamt of being which is a pop-star is so amazing. Having little kids saying "Is she really in space?" is so nice! We're hoping it would connect to the adults too, to show that this isn't too bad for a kids show and that they can sit down and watch it too!

Have you got any funny behind the scenes moments from being on the show?

Not particularly! It was quite a weird time as we had to film during Covid. So, we had to social distance and everyone had to wear masks throughout the day. It was quite a weird experience but being in that situation where we had to create a bubble, it kind of bought us closer together in the end. There was a funny moment where I ran in and my grabbed my little sister, shook her and I shook her so hard her hair flew off! [laughs]. It was a great bloopers moment!

If you could play any other character from a popular TV show? Who would it be and why?

I know it's kind of an obvious one but I would love to play Rachel from Friends. Friends is just so effortless and funny! Rachel is the fashionista but also got some heart and is a bit spoilt but at the end of the day we just learn to love her. 

Were there any TV shows that you loved growing up?

Ooh! Do you know what? I always had different shows on like CBBC's Horrible Histories as I loved to learn about history in a funny way. I love watching older TV shows before I was born like Saved by the Bell, I feel like I'm in a time warp when I watch them.

Your Instagram is very fashion! Are there any fashion icons you look up to?

Someone I love and I'm not sure if I can pull of her style is Rihanna. Who doesn't love Rihanna's style? She's the ultimate fashionista, she's so cool and effortless. She can wear a duvet and she would make it fashion! She's covered a lot of areas in the fashion world, like she does street style very well but she can also do a super elegant tailored vibe.

Lastly, have you got any exciting projects coming up that you can tell us ReVamp readers?

Obviously long side the Nova stuff I'm working on my own music. So there should be Molly music in the near future which I'm super excited about. Also want to work on my own sound and me as an artist as well as this character I'm obsessed with. I just can't wait for people to hear the Molly side of me too!

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